Albion Online Joseph Update Introduces Arena Mode, Haunted Treasure Sites, Tier 6 Expeditions

Albion Online is set to receive its first major post-launch update, with the Joseph update introducing an Arena mode, haunted treasure sites, Tier 6 expeditions and more.

The Arena mode will see players competing in teams of five against each other, with the winners of these battles rewarded with Arena Signils that can be either redeemed for rewards or traded with other players.

How does the Albion Online Arena work?

The Albion Online Arena mode will see teams spawning at separate camps, before being tasked with capturing  scattered runestones and keeping them under their control until they are destroyed. With the other team having the same goal, both sets of players will have to duke it out in order to gain control of the runestones. The objective is to whittle the opposing team’s initial score of 150 points down to 0 points, which can be achieved by capturing the runestones and eliminating them. The first team to do so wins the game.

Players can compete in the Albion Online Arena either alongside their friends, guild members or with randomly selected teams. The update will also introduce Joan, the Arena Master, who is located in every major city and will escort players to the Arena in order for them to battle it out.


The rewards you can get from competing in the Arena look impressive, with them including an Armored Sabertooth, an Armored Horse and an Arena Veteran’s Large Banner. Check out the full list of rewards below:

  • Arena Veteran’s Eyepatch
  • Arena Veteran’s Circlet
  • Arena Veteran’s Cloak
  • Arena Veteran’s Boots
  • Arena Veteran’s Cape
  • Modest Arena Display
  • Grand Arena Display
  • Glorious Arena Display
  • Arena Veteran’s Small Banner
  • Arena Veteran’s Medium Banner
  • Arena Veteran’s Large Banner
  • Arena Veteran’s Armored Horse
  • Arena Veteran’s Armored Sabertooth
  • Adept’s Royal Sigil
  • Expert’s Royal Sigil
  • Master’s Royal Sigil

The Albion Online Joseph update trailer can be viewed below: