Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes: What Has Changed in the New Patch?

It’s time to get the candles out because, with the release of the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 patch notes, it’s official: Overwatch is two! With it comes a whole host of changes. Some needed – nerfs, buffs, and so on – and some nifty: I’m looking at you, those oh-so-sweet legendary skins. Here’s a full rundown of what’s changed going into the Overwatch Anniversary 2018.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes: What Has Changed in the New Patch?

Now live on all formats – PS4, Xbox One and PC – with a 1GB download size, there are some considerable changes made to Overwatch. Here are some of the highlights: a new FFA Competitive map (Petra), 60 new Anniversary Items, as well as the return of past seasonal items in Anniversary loot boxes.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes: What Legendary Skins Are Available?

There are even a set of Legendary Skins to get excited about. Numbering eight in total, they as follows: Stealth Bastion, Shieldmaiden Brigitte, Formal Doomfist (yes, finally!), Buccaneer Junkrat, Sherlock McCree, Forest Spirit Orisa, Magician Syymetra, and Cybjorn Tolbjorn. As ever, you can get those by unlocking and opening loot boxes.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes: Nerfs and Buffs

Here comes the part that will inevitably disappoint or delight some of you, depending on your mains. Ana has received a buff in the form of a larger magazine clip and full-health allies not being able to block healing items fired their way.

Brigitte has been nerfed, with a slightly longer shield bash cooldown and max armor per player reduced from 150 to 100. Hanzo’s storm arrows, meanwhile, have had their damage reduced from 80 to 70.

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes: Full Patch Notes

As is the case with many a set of patch notes, there is a mountain of bug fixes to pore over. If you so desire, you can read the full Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Patch Notes right here but everything from Mei’s spine being fixed (seriously) to dialogue being cut short during highlights has been addressed.