Anno 1800 Unlock Time | When can I start playing on Steam and UPlay?

You won’t need a time machine to rush towards the Anno 1800 unlock time, but you might need a pen and paper. The start time for Anno 1800 on Steam and UPlay is getting increasingly closer but, as is the case nowadays, there are several different unlock times to figure out in terms of region and platform. Thankfully, here at GameRevolution, we’re eager to get you started in the 19th Century as soon as possible. Below, we’ve listed the UPlay and Steam unlock times for Anno 1800 in the US and UK, as well as details on the Anno 1800 preload if you haven’t sorted that already.

Anno 1800 Unlock Time

Anno 1800 Unlock Time

Would you believe it, they’ve got a map. An actual bloody map. Charting the Anno 1800 unlock time across various continents must be the developer’s sense of humor as it’s literally done just that, which you can see above. You’ll see everything from California to New Zealand covered.

If a list is more your style, here’s when you can start playing Anno 1800 on PC in the US:

  • 9 PM Pacific (April 15)
  • 12 AM Eastern (April 15)

Things are different in the UK (and EU), as that region will get it a good few hours earlier. Bare in mind that the UPlay release schedule is exactly the same as the Steam one, however, so things won’t matter on that end, but your location will:

  • 11 PM BST (April 15)
  • 12 AM CEST (April 16)

Can I preload Anno 1800 on Steam and UPlay?

Anno 1800 Unlock Time

Don’t wait around for the Anno 1800 unlock time to tick over. You can start preloading and downloading the city sim now, April 15.

Sure, you can wait until the times above if you wish and use the hour(s) it’ll take to download to sketch out your dream Victorian village, but you’ll be missing out on all the fun. And that’s no good!