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REVIEWS Fallout Shelter Review
Bethesda's strategic vault simulator is fun and nostalgic, but will the publisher get fallout for the micro-transaction advantage?

Batman: Arkham Knight Review
Rocksteady concludes its Batman trilogy with Scarecrow, the mysterious Arkham Knight, and a whole lot of Batmobile.
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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight has a long name, but don't make fun of it. It can kick your ass.
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NEW RELEASES BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND
Release date: Out Now

Lost Dimension
Release date: 07/28/15

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Rocket League, Godzilla, God of War III Remastered: What will you Buy, what will you Try, and what needs to Die!

8 Things FFXIV: Heavensward Does Better than World of Warcraft
Sometimes elders can learn a thing or two from young blood.

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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437     In all the talk of graphical downgrades no one seems much preoccupied with 'why?'.  Why build something and then proceed to tear it down, piece by piece, in the hope that ever more diminished expectations about the final product won't be severe enough to...


No Man's Sky

DEVELOPER Hello Games 
No Man’s Sky is an "open world" science -fiction game coming to PS4. A massive universe filled with unique planets players can seamlessly hop between with ease.


ID@Xbox Director on Parity Clause: "Don't Assume That Something You Read on NeoGAF Is Our Policy" 03/31/15
Chris Charla believes that the parity clause for indie developers on Xbox One is overblown. (read more)

PSX: How PlayStation’s First Platform-Focused Expo Played Out 12/08/14
I attended the PlayStation Experience over the weekend, arriving Friday, playing games on Saturday, and leaving exhausted on Sunday. Here’s how it went. (read more)

Dragon Age, Nintendo Win Big at The Game Awards 2014 12/06/14
The massively-customizable RPG and the Mario Machine go home with statuettes and smiles. (read more)

No Man’s Sky Won’t Be a PS4 Exclusive 08/01/14
But don't get too excited, Xbox fans. There's still no word on whether or not it will ever be coming to Microsoft's console. (read more)

Game Critics Awards Winners Announced 07/02/14
How do the Game Critics Awards match up with GameRevolution's E3 Awards? Let's find out... (read more)


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No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky 06/13/14
No Man's Sky E3 gameplay video.

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