No Man’s Sky Origins Update is ‘the beginning of something new’

The No Man’s Sky Origins Update promises to be the “beginning of something new.” While Hello Games says that this won’t be a particularly large No Man’s Sky update, it is going to be bringing some new content to hungry gamers sometime next week.

No Man’s Sky had a somewhat troubled start, but Hello Games has found its footing and released over a dozen solid updates to improve the base game. Following the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond, the developers worked on putting out regular updates to add more substantial content to their space exploration game. Now, a brand-new update will be making its debut next week and it’s going to be the start of a new journey for No Man’s Sky.

“Four years ago we announced FOUNDATION, our first major update for No Man’s Sky, we promised ‘It won’t be our largest update, but it is the start of something’,” Hello Games said in the No Man’s Sky Origins Update announcement. “Those words were true at the time, and they ring true for Origins. We called it Origins because it is the beginning of something new, as No Man’s Sky continues to grow and evolve.”

No Man's Sky Origins Update past updates

Before you get too hyped up, a word of caution: Hello Games is calling the No Man’s Sky Origins Update “another small step in a longer journey.” You probably shouldn’t expect a massive batch of new content to come in this next update, but it certainly seems like they’re planning something big for the long term.

“We know there is a huge appetite in the community for No Man’s Sky content, and the team has worked our socks off this year to deliver in difficult circumstances,” the announcement continued. “We have been quiet, but we are always listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.”

There’s certainly an appetite for the No Man’s Sky Origins Update — the game’s official website crashed within a few minutes of Sean Murray tweeting out the announcement. We’ll find out more about it next week when the patch notes and a trailer are revealed.