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REVIEWS Mario Maker Review
Nintendo puts Mario's fate in the hands of players in Super Mario Maker, and the result is one of the best games of the year.

Satellite Reign Review
A spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars that more than lives up to its legacy.
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PREVIEWS Hob Preview
If I had to describe Hob in a simple title it would be "Darksiders Jr." The title from Runic developers, whose prior games are the Torchlight series, were nervous about delivering a game that is so far from their comfort zone.
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NEW RELEASES Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Release date: Out Now

Destiny: The Taken King
Release date: 09/15/15

Skylanders SuperChargers
Release date: 09/20/15

LEGO Dimensions
Release date: 09/27/15

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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...



GENRE Action / Horror 
DEVELOPER 7780s Studio 
M Contains Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, Drug Reference

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Del Toro Says He'll Never Again Work on Video Games 08/14/15
Was the Silent Hills debacle the straw that broke the camel's back? You can bet on it. (read more)

A Look Back At How P.T. Won the Attention of Gamers One Year Ago 08/12/15
Silent Hills may be dead, but P.T. still lives on. (read more)

This Is The P.T. Game You've Always Wanted: Allison Road 07/02/15
Some have already described Allison Road as the spiritual successor to P.T., aka a giant "middle finger" to Konami. (read more)

P.T. Download Situation Captured Perfectly by Mega64 05/20/15
An editorial statement expressed in a funny video. This is why we have the internet. (read more)

GR Strips #57 - Walking Dead 04/30/15
Oh no, it's a Walker! (read more)

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P.T. 08/20/14
Project P.T. gamescom trailer.

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