Cities: Skylines After Dark Will Set on September 24

My city in Cities: Skylines is a utopia with Japanese parks, low pollution, and health-conscious policies, but one thing has always been missing: nighttime. That's where the first expansion for the game, After Dark, comes in.


Releasing September 24 for $14.99 on PC, Mac, and Linux, After Dark brings a day-and-night cycle to the surprise sleeper hit. Developer Colossal Order breaks down some of the expansion's new features in a lengthy post on its official forums.


Along with daytime beachfront properties and systems for prisons, bike lanes, and taxicabs, nighttime adds a visual layer to every building for nicely-lit windows as well as neon signs scattered about the city. Most citizens will stay at home, opening traffic so that you can identify problem areas but letting thieves come out under the cover of darkness.


With the separate nighttime budget, you can have garbage trucks, hearses, and late-night buses operate more actively to take advantage of the open traffic, and have police cars patrol the streets more thoroughly. Check out the gallery below for a batch of new screenshots of After Dark.