Cities Skylines Celebrates Its Third Birthday by Preparing You for Mars DLC

Cities Skylines is three! Doesn’t time fly when you’re controlling traffic density? To celebrate the milestone, publishers Paradox Interactive are making sure everyone is prepared for their upcoming Surviving Mars DLC by dropping a few out-of-this-world treats onto players’ laps, as well as a brand-new radio station.

Paradox’s blog not only details Surviving Mars’ release date (that would be March 15, or the 5th month of the 34th Martian year if you’re currently on the Red Planet) but also Cities Skylines‘ space-themed sampler.

From March 9, players will have access to Xchirp Launcher, a unique Rocket City building, an astronaut Chirper, and Official Mars Radio. Those who are willing to go one step further will need to shell out $39.99/£34.99 for the full Surviving Mars DLC pack, however. That’s not a typo. British gamers will have to fork over an extra ten dollars (give or take) for this Cities Skylines add-on.

Promising to be one of the game’s biggest updates yet, Surviving Mars entrusts players with colonising the Red Planet. The aim of the extraterrestrial game will be to build-up the very first community of colonisers, before eventually crafting a space that generations of humans will be able to call their own. Ones for sci-fi and city-building fans alike, then. Not only will there be plenty to do, it’ll look great too; console players will be treated to 4K resolution on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Not since the days of Spore have we seen creation sims go beyond the stars. Cities Skyline has certainly been busy lately, with its Snowfall and Apocalypse packs hitting in recent months. Heavy weather, the end of the world then Mars? That’s sound logic.