Pokemon GO Event Increases Chansey Chances, Hands Out Double Stardust

A new Pokemon GO event will see developer Niantic introducing special 2km eggs that contain a number of rare Pokemon, including Chansey, Mareep and Larvitar.

The Equinox event, intended to mark the beginning of Autumn, is scheduled to run from September 22 to October 2 and will see Super Incubators introduced to the game. These Super Incubators will hatch Pokemon eggs 1.5x faster than their normal counterparts, and are reportedly only available using real money in the in-game shop.

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In order to tempt players into purchasing a Super Incubator, Niantic will also give players the chance to get their hands on the aforementioned special eggs, along with double Stardust for catching and hatching Pokemon. Any new Pokemon registered to your Pokedex during this time will also bag you triple XP, so Pokemon GO trainers will want to start Catching ‘Em All once again.


With Niantic having thus far stayed away from introducing a double Stardust bonus into the mobile game, the Equinox event will give players the chance to finally start increasing their resources. As Pokemon GO is notoriously shy about giving players more items without requiring them to hand over real cash first, those who are still playing the mobile game should probably take this opportunity while they can get it. With the Stardust economy not exactly booming, and it always in short supply, make sure you stock up on the stuff before it becomes scarce once again.

Pokemon GO‘s community isn’t exactly as huge as it was last year upon its ground-breaking release, but Niantic has steadily been pushing out updates in order to attract players back to the game. It remains to be seen whether or not it’ll work, but double Stardust is very tempting, so maybe this will be the push the game needs at this point.