Japanese Pokemon GO Players Spend 3x More On Microtransactions Than Anyone Else

During the past year Pokemon GO has accumulated $1.2 billion through in-app revenue. No matter where it has released, players have been willing to spend money on the game in quantities that most mobile developers only dream of.

Though, some countries tend to spend a lot more money on the game than others. Such was the basis for a recent study by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, which was interested in determining which countries contribute most to the game’s financial success.

Dwarfing all other countries on the list is Japan, with an average of $26.00 spent per download. This more than triples the amount invested by users in the United States, who paid an average of $7.70 in the game. Canada came in a close third, with European countries falling much lower on the list.

Below are the results of the study:


In another study, Sensor Tower found that Android users in particular spent an average of $30 on Google Play in 2016. This suggests that Android users spent a large portion of their Google Play budget on Pokemon GO during the year.

Pokemon GO will celebrate its one year anniversary this Saturday by adding several new legendary pokemon, including Ho-oh, Lugia, and Mewtwo.