Pokemon GO 2018 Revenue

Pokemon Go 2018 Revenue Approached $1 Billion

Pokemon Go 2018 revenue was likely better than anyone could have hoped. The augmented reality mobile game from Niantic, Inc. made close to $800 million in its third year of operation, making it one of a handful of games to make over a billion dollars in revenue since it began in 2016. The data for Pokemon GO 2018 revenue from Sensor Tower shows that Niantic increased revenue for their game by approximately 35 percent as compared to 2017, racking up an estimated total of $795 million from their customers around the world. This income was helped along by a strong December showing of player spending. Nearly 10 percent of the game’s revenue—$75 million dollars—was brought in for that month alone.

Additions to the game likely played a strong part in the 35 percent increase for Pokemon Go 2018 revenue. One such contributor was the addition of Fitness Goals; players were rewarded for completing certain weekly milestones of walking, incentivizing them to get out and move around some more. This was helped along by the Adventure Sync feature which allowed the game to track the distance you’ve walked without having the app open and saving precious battery life.

The addition of Adventure Sync, Fitness Goals, and content updates throughout the year were all likely reasons for the uptick in Pokemon Go hinted at2018 revenue. The biggest new feature of all may very well have been the new Trainer Battles feature which was late last year before finally being revealed. This PVP mode allows players to fight against one another in separate leagues and even battle their own team leaders for practice.

Overall, players in the United States made up the majority of Pokemon Go 2018 revenue at 33 percent of the total. Americans spent $262 million in total across the App Store and Google Play. Meanwhile, Japanese players brought in $239 million, accounting for 30 percent of last year’s revenue and a 5 percent increase for that region as compared to the previous year. In total, the game has brought in over $2 billion for Niantic, making the company worth more than quite a few of their notable contemporaries in the gaming industry.

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