Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Feature Announced

Niantic has announced a new feature for their game called Pokemon Go Adventure Sync. This new system will allow you to continue your progress in the mobile game without having your screen switched on. It will also work when the game is not launched. There is currently no news when this feature will arrive in the title.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync promises to record all walking done when the game is not launched. This means that you will not have to open the title to collect candies and hatch eggs. This is a welcome new feature as previously you had to keep the app open to do these tasks, which would inevitably lead to users’ battery being drained significantly over time.

When Pokemon Go Adventure Sync is made available, it will also create a weekly summary on the distance you have covered. This will be accessible from your trainer profile to see how many kilometers you have traveled. Rewards will be given for passing certain milestones. Additionally, when a partner Pokemon finds candies or an egg hatches, push notifications will be sent to your device.

Niantic has also revealed that Pokemon Go Adventure Sync will work with various smartwatches. This will be done through the Apple Health and Android Fit services on iOS and Android respectively. The feature will also be opt-in when it launches.

Pokemon Go initially launched in July of 2016. It recently added generation four Pokemon into its pool of available monsters to catch. A new Pokemon was also revealed for it and the upcoming Switch games Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Evee. It will be called Melmetal and it will be the evolved form of Meltan which debuted via the app earlier this year. Player-submitted Pokestops will also be coming soon to the app, albeit under some strict restrictions.