Harry Potter: Wizards Unite first month revenue is vastly less than Pokemon Go’s

Niantic and WB Games‘ augmented reality mobile wizarding game isn’t quite having a magical opening as the  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite first month revenue numbers are just more than $12 million. While that is more than almost every AR game prior to its release, it pales in comparison to Niantic’s other vastly popular game Pokemon Go.

According to app analytic company Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go made a staggering $300 million in revenue in its first month after release. That is 25 times the amount Harry Potter: Wizards Unite earned within the same period of time.

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This doesn’t mean Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is doing poorly. While those numbers are drastically different, it is still the second-largest launch month for an AR game. Behind it, Jurassic World Alive generated around $10.3 million in its first month, just under $2 million between the two games. Those numbers begin to drop pretty significantly with The Walking Dead: Our World and Ghostbusters World, generating $3.9 million and $200,000 respectively.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unites‘ struggle to keep up with Pokemon Go is further exemplified by the number of downloads each app received during the first month of release. The magical AR game saw 15 million downloads in its first month while the monster-catching title saw 182 million. Again, in comparison to other AR games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is still one of the most successful. Jurassic World Alive had 6.5 million downloads, The Walking Dead: Our World had 1.6 million and Ghostbusters World had 1.2 million.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite‘s download numbers have been pretty weak in comparison to Pokemon Go‘s. This was in reference to the position held on iTunes and Google Play’s “top-grossing,” “top free,” and “top paid” category lists.

Despite the differences in profitability, Niantic is still treating Harry Potter: Wizards Unite with care as it has its own Community Days and Fan Fests. The first Fan Fest will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 31 and September 1. You can look at our guide for tips on how to score tickets.