Top 10 Mortal Kombat Guest Appearances

If you've been feeling the urge recently to ball up your fist and just rock someone akross the jaw as hard as you can, you might have been playing Mortal Kombat… or actually have anger issues and should konsider seeing a mental health professional.

Especially if that feeling has then been followed by tearing off that jaw with your own bare hands, grinding the jawbone to a deadly point on a table saw that appears out of nowhere, shanking it into the other person's stomach, and pulling out their internal organs as blood splashes all over your body. Either that or you're just "toasty" for Mortal Kombat X, which drops for eighth-gen consoles on April 14.

Of course, the main krew will be back to slice and dice, including a few new faces, but one of the more surprising entries on the roster is the inklusion of the man that permanently tied horror to a cabin by the lake, a chilling chh-chh-chh-chh… hha-hha-hha-haa, and a very unlucky date, Jason Voohrees. It's not the first time guest characters have been involved in the roster; in fact, surprise faces in the game are one of the fan favorites in every iteration. But the Mortal Kombat krew themselves get around too, in the gamersphere and beyond.

We've collected the Top 10 moments where the kast of Mortal Kombat has shown up in other realms, be it in gaming or beyond. Have you seen our fine, peace-loving friends in any of these places?