Mortal Kombat 11 changed Mileena’s eyes and her relentless fans have noticed

Mortal Kombat 11 just got its first update in about two months and it didn’t contain many noteworthy items. Many Brutality requirements were tweaked, some future Kombat League items were added, RoboCop got his own announcer pack, and NetherRealm implemented support for the first Aftermath skin pack that coincided with the update. However, vigilant fans and Mileena stans have stuck to something peculiar that wasn’t in the patch notes: Mileena’s new eyeballs.

Mortal Kombat 11 changed Mileena's eyes and the relentless fans have noticed

Mileena is not playable in the game, but she shows up in Kitana’s Friendship, which is the ultimate tease for some of her more hardcore supporters. After performing the finisher, the Tarkatan-based clone trots out and hugs her Edenian sister. And upon further inspection, players have seen that she has new eyeballs that are lighter and slightly more human. You can see the comparison in the above picture. Persistent Mileena devotees haven’t let go of this and have continued to send their replies to Ed Boon on Twitter with this new model.

This all seems inconsequential as NetherRealm also tweaked other skins in the game with this update and slight palette swaps shouldn’t be worth more than forum chatter. But some other puzzle pieces related to leaks and the upcoming WB FanDome make this more important than something destined to die on Reddit. Boon is already scheduled to be at the event himself and Mortal Kombat 11 was in the sizzle reel from earlier this week, meaning that the franchise is bound to show up in some respect.

And like most events, there have already been some leaks. That leak is from August 4 and pointed to Rocksteady’s oft-rumored and recently confirmed Suicide Squad game, the not-so-secret Harry Potter game that spilled out onto the internet in October 2018 and then again in June 2020, and WB Montreal’s Batman game that the team has been repeatedly teasing since December 2018. All three seem like relatively solid bets, given how they’ve all been leaked, confirmed, or both.

That just leaves Mortal Kombat 11. The leak speaks of a trailer for the upcoming live action film — which seems like a given since its producer, James Wan, is also on the FanDome roster — and the upcoming characters coming to MK11. It says that Sektor and Cyrax are releasing in September for Aftermath owners while Havik, Smoke, Takeda, Ash Williams from Evil Dead, Harley Quinn, and Mileena will start coming to the game in December 2020.

Given that Havik’s assist item in the game “needs to be removed,” both robots got some some sort of dialogue code added in the last patch, Takeda’s existence within the code, and the continued saga of Ash Williams being and not being in MK11, Mileena’s new eyeballs aren’t as frivolous as they once seemed. It’s quite a coincidence and makes it seem as though NetherRealm is trying to make that old Mileena model match a newer one.

Nothing has been confirmed and fans love to make fake leaks, but Rocksteady confirming that its Suicide Squad game is going to be at the FanDome gives everything else in that rumored lineup a little more credence. And when the nuances of everything in that lineup are considered, Mileena’s new eyes might actually be more than meets the eye.