Our Top 10 Predictions for Nintendo at E3 2015

I'd like to think of myself as somewhat of the local Nintendo expert around here. I mean, like others, I've been with the NES since the early days; unlike others, however, I've survived through games like Super Glove Ball and Raid on Bungling Bay. So when the bigs asked me to put together my Top 10 predictions for Nintendo's E3 2015 this year, I said what I always say: “Nick, why do you always call me as I'm walking out the door?” (No seriously, it's like he times it that way on purpose.) Then, of course, I said I'd do it, because who wants to get fired, really.

Nintendo has a pattern of alternating between E3 shows where the studio plays it relatively safe, and years where they take a decent-sized gamble. 2015 appears to be a quieter year for the Mario Machine, but there still should be a few surprises in their question-mark boxes. Here's ten things I could feasibly see happening at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.