Mafia III Releases Pre-Order Bonus As Paid DLC, Angers Fans

Mafia III has picked up more DLC-related controversy with their latest offering, the Family Kick-Back Pack, which includes three exclusive cars and three exclusive weapons.

But, for many people, this DLC pack is all too familiar, and, if you're also thinking that you've heard that name before, that's because it was offered as a pre-order bonus for Mafia III. Of course, this has many people in quite the tizzy:

Now, is there precedent for releasing as paid DLC content that was previously only available for pre-order? In spades. However, it's not usually done this close to release. Not to mention the main issue is Mafia III's current buggy state that has not yet been resolved. People pre-ordered the game only to have it be almost completely unplayable upon arrival, and the only thing keeping them from feeling like complete schmucks was some exclusive content they got for their troubles. And now, that content is no longer exclusive.

Thinking about it, I'd be pretty pissed too.