Top 5 Best Heroes For Overwatch’s Uprising PvE

Overwatch‘s Uprising Event is quickly turning into the young shooter’s best, and that’s thanks in no small part to its PvE. The Arcade game mode, also called Uprising, sees you and three friends work to capture various points, escort a payload and take out an army of OR14s. You can play this PvE mode with the heroes intended, with Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Tracer and Mercy, or you can play this mode will all heroes available, and that’s where the true fun begins.

Or the anti-fun. Having a bad team composition can be a huge headache in Uprising, especially since the mode is such a time-suck. While you will get the XP, that comes across as more of a consolation prize. So who do you turn? Here are the best heroes for Overwatch‘s Uprising PvE mode.

5. Bastion

Everyone knows the old adage of fighting fire with fire, and that applies especially in Uprising, where you’ll run into scores of Omnics and other Bastion units. Get your own Bastion. He’s a solid pick because he can deal massive amounts of sustained damage, which you’ll need to fight off waves of robots.

Bastion is also good at dealing damage to alpha targets, like Detonators, who have large health pools.

While Bastion will be better with some sort of barrier-focused hero, he’s still find on his own with the more recent buffs to armor while in sentry mode and his self-heal. This will make your healer’s job easier and free that Mercy spot up for a less-potent healer who has more utility like Zenyatta, Lucio or Ana.

4. Orisa

Again with fighting fire with fire, Orisa is going to be good for a lot of the same reasons as Bastion, she has a large health pool and a huge magazine size that lets her deal heavy, sustained damage over time to large groups of people (a growing theme). But, Orisa has more utility than Bastion, giving her access to plenty of support-like strategies.

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Her mobility and the range of her shield makes her great at protecting the payload. She can use her shield and Fortify ability to make her better at Reviving.

And let’s not forget about her ultimate, which, when paired with other, heavy damage dealers, is really good in a pinch against overwhelming odds.

3. Sombra

Well Blizzard, you finally did it. You made Sombra good. Sure, you had to create a whole new game mode to do it, but you did it. Congratulations.

All teasing aside, people don’t think Sombra would be viable for Uprising until they realize how her Hack and EMP abilities work against Omnic enemies. A hacked Omnic can’t attack or move, in addition to the added benefit of removing the many barriers present in Uprising.

This makes Sombra essentially a more effective Tracer in this PvE mode. She can hack a Bastion, remove a shield from an Eradicator and destroy every barrier put down by enemy OR14s, just make sure you’ve placed a Translocator so you can jump out if need be.

2. Ana

From extensive playthroughs, Ana is the best healer for Uprising. Some argue she’s the best healer in the game at all, so that should be no surprise. But she has two things that no other healer has. She can attack the enemy (sorry Mercy), and each of her abilities can be effectively used in this PvE game mode. That latter criteria is a good litmus test for any hero in terms of Uprising; is every ability useful?

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With Lucio, his heals are not as potent and his speed boost, what many pros and Top 500 players consider the best ability in the game, is completely useless, and his boop is not much better. Zenyatta’s a solid damage-dealer, and his Discord Orb is fantastic, but his ultimate ability just doesn’t have the same effect as it does in a real game. Usually, he can completely cancel out an enemy ultimate, but that’s obviously not as important in Uprising. Besides that, it’s just a good heal.

Ana can heal and do decent damage, her sleep dart is great for disabling high-value targets, her grenade is still amazing (especially since they didn’t nerf it) and her ultimate can create ridiculous combinations. Ana is not only the best healer, she’s one of the best heroes in the game mode.

1. D.Va

From all my time playing D.Va in Uprising, I got at least 4 gold medals each time. She falls in the same category as Bastion and Orisa, in that she too vomits out damage. She has the obvious advantage, though, of never needing to reload, and she has that word I keep throwing around: utility.

Her defense matrix is great, especially when combined with Sombra – giving the latter a free hack, and her mobility gives her that lethal quality she always had.

Perhaps most importantly, her ultimate is actually useful. Omnics don’t react to it the way they perhaps should, so it’s really easy to get insane multi-kills with her. There are barriers, yes, but, again, the enemy A.I. won’t specifically place those barriers to block the self-destruct. So, to recap: massive damage, huge utility, unstoppable ultimate, guaranteed 4-5 gold medals. D.Va=GG.