6 Rare PUBG Items Surprisingly Worth More than $115

As PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gained popularity, so too have the items on its Community Market. More than 70 items are currently available for collection and trading, and a large number of them are worth a good chunk of cash.

There are a few items in particular that are considered rare and thus in high demand, items that make players stand out, and are worth even more than the game itself.

Below are six items that are currently worth over $115, all of which are currently trending upward in price.

6. Red Hi-top Trainers


Current Value: $117

There are nearly a dozen different pairs of shoes you can collect in PUBG, most of them being dark in color or white. Not these beauties. The Red Hi-top Trainers demand attention with their blood red leather finish and black laces.

Sure, most players won’t have time to look at your feet in a firefight, but if they do, they’ll surely admire your fine taste in sneakers.

These shoes match perfectly with the PlayerUnknown Set, making it a must-have for players who want to complete the most revered outfit in the game, and pay the same price as a real pair of Jordans.

5. Hotpants (Blue)


Current Value: $270

For whatever reason, every player character in PUBG has massive quads and hamstrings. Apparently running toward the containment zone circle is a solid replacement for leg day.

While the default pants, with their overly slim profile, do a fine job of showing off your assets, a good pair of short shorts is a much better option. Enter the Hotpants.

These shorts have an even slimmer cut than anything John Stockton would ever wear. They might ride up into your crotch a little farther than you’re used to, but consider that an investment for attracting enemies into your Military Base ambushes.

4. PlayerUnknown’s TrenchCoat


Current Value: $293

It doesn’t take an italian luxury fashion designer to figure out why this trenchcoat is so popular. It’s a dark trenchcoat with a hood, for crying out loud, the sort of thing an evil character from Assassin’s Creed would wear. By wearing it, you instantly transform from basic to the cool guy on the block.

When a player sees someone wearing one of these nearby, it’s always a cause for concern. You know the person has put hundreds of dollars into the game, so they probably don’t take losing very well. Run for the hills—hopefully not away from the containment zone circle.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Bandana


Current Value: $353

If you want to intimidate other players, nothing says ‘shorty wanna be a thug’ more than a red bandana. This might just be an ordinary cut of cloth, but it’s one that ensures anyone you encounter knows you’re up to no good.

This special item that goes for the same price as a PS4 Pro may look like it could function as a picnic blanket, but don’t let that fool you. It’s savage, and considered cool among all the cool players.

2. Mini-skirt (Purple or Blue)


Current Value: $390

Wacky items tend to be popular on microtransaction markets, and since PUBG doesn’t have many fun items (yet), the mini-skirt is currently a crowning jewel among rich players.

Barely long enough to tuck in your private area, this item offers unparalleled breathability as you venture out into the wilderness. You might catch some mean poison ivy, but at least you won’t work up a swampy underwear line.

1. PlayerUnknown Set


Current Value: $885

For players who are far more interested in video game microtransactions than real-life items that actually exist, there is nothing better than the PlayerUnknown Set. This package contains the bandana and trenchcoat mentioned above, along with some other flashy items for the mere cost of a month’s worth of rent.

This item was made only available to PUBG pre-orders, long before the game caught the attention of the world and rose to the best-seller rank of 2017.