Dr Disrespect criticizes ‘braindead’ PUBG developers

Dr Disrespect has taken aim at Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ developers Bluehole Entertainment in an insult-laden rant. Dr Disrespect criticized the company live on his Twitch channel after he was killed by the “Red Zones” within the game. Dr Disrespect called on Bluehole to “get the f*****g red zones out of the game you stupid idiot developers.”

Dr Disrespect has had a rocky relationship with PUBG, from arguing with the game’s creator Brendan Greene to participating in sponsorships of the game and having his own skins on the game’s store. However, the streamer pulled no punches during this incident. Dr Disrespect was driving through a “Red Zone” during a match: “I’m telling you right now if this red zone kills me, I’m gonna be so p****d off.” Upon dying, Dr Disrespect continued, “They’re braindead, Blueballs Entertainment from South Korea, all those developers, they’re braindead. They don’t know anything about proper game design and what makes sense to the game … Randomized red zones, that’s a great idea.” You can watch the full rant below.

Red zones in PUBG have drawn ire from many fans ever since the game’s inception. In April 2018, creator Brendan Greene was forced to defend the zones, saying, “[…] it provides audio cover, it really looks cool when you’re fighting in it. And really, you shouldn’t be dying to the red zone. If you’re dying to the red zone then, I’m sorry but you’re not a very good player.”

Dr Disrespect has recently been shifting from game to game in an effort to find a shooter he enjoys, he recently tweeted:

Along with his recent expressions of frustration, Dr Disrespect recently laid out plans for how he thought Respawn’s battle royale game Apex Legends could improve. As reported via Dexerto, The Twitch streamer declared the game needed a minimum of three more maps as well as three more “legends.” He also stated there should be a $350 million-dollar tournament with an additional prize of access of going to space with the Elon Musk’s SpaceX program.

Dr Disrespect had a turbulent 2018 on Twitch. The streamer took leave from the platform after being criticized as “racist” for making jokes at the expense of Chinese players. The platform crashed upon his return. Towards the end of the year, there were gunshots fired at Dr Disrespect’s home with the whole incident occurring while he was live streaming.