The People Speak: Far Cry 5 Launches, Sea of Thieves Sinks, and More

March went out with a bang, as not only are we all stuffing our faces with oversized chocolate eggs thanks to Easter, but we’re also taking down cultists with giddy abandon in Far Cry 5. One of the biggest releases of the year so far, Far Cry 5 has been an early hit for Ubisoft, and needless to say the GameRevolution community has had a lot to say about the open-world game.

On top of this, you’ve been offering your thoughts on our Sea of Thieves review, along with some surprising info regarding the Nintendo Switch’s sales success. Take a look at the GameRevolution team’s favorite comments from the past week in this edition of The People Speak:



Article: What Are You Playing? Far Cry 5, Fortnite, and More

Comment: Far Cry 5 here. Last night I flew an airplane over a moose and dropped a bomb on it. Because fuck moose.


Article: Sea of Thieves Review – Rarely Exciting

Comment: Hey, I heard they made No Man’s Sky pretty awesome after some major updates. Maybe there will be some quick patches to turn this one around. I’m going to wait to see if that happens before I buy this game. Sad to hear Rare fumbled. They usually deliver grade A stuff.



Article: Far Cry 5 Review – Welcome to No Hope County

Comment: I see what you mean about the jarring changes in tone. I’ve only played a few hours & many times I saved a civilian, chased after them as they ran screaming only to have a pleasant conversation about some point of interest on the map before they ran away in terror again.

It’s an enjoyable game but it feels like a mish-mash of ideas cobbled together by different teams & with more input from accountants than a game director. The store system is kinda awful & insidious but at least it’s somewhat grounded in the world (even though torn jeans cost more than a sniper scope), there are physical locations to swap out your weapon loadout or pick up a vehicle. The upgrade system is totally nondiegetic, you get points for killing a certain number of enemies or some other arbitrary challenge. One system exists in the world the other is purely gamified. It just shows that there’s no real cohesive vision, it’s a compilation of features designed as a product rather than a work of art.



Article: Here’s Why Retro Games Look Awful Compared to How You Remember Them

Comment: Pretty much, nostalgia glasses make everything look pretty.

However, I’d counter your article with the statement that while the games may be ugly, a lot of them are still a blast to play.

I’m also of the opinion that FF7 is not as good as any of you remember, and the storyline is shit. It makes no sense, and if you think it does, you’re lying to yourself. There is nothing coherent about that mess of a plot.




Article: Nintendo Switch Outsells PS2’s First Year and Surpasses Total GameCube Sales in Japan

Comment: Like I’ve said before, impressive first year sales are certainly a good thing, but long-term momentum matters more. That said, the outlook for the Switch is looking pretty good right now. An end-of-year release of Smash Bros. will likely make the Switch’s second holiday season sales easily rival the first.

Nintendo really seems to have figured out what most of their problems were. They’re just making smarter decisions now than they did with the WiiU, particularly with game release schedules.