Introducing the New GameRevolution Team

This isn’t your mother’s GameRevolution. GR has received many makeovers and facelifts over the past 20+ years, leading us to 2018 and our site’s most exciting evolved form yet. We like to think of this GR as Blastoise; fierce, indomitable, and armed with giant water cannons on its back that are ready to mess up its competition.

The primary goal of next-gen GR was to take the site to greater heights than it has ever reached since its 1996 inception. Considering that we’ve just celebrated our highest number of monthly readers EVER, it’s safe to say that we’ve achieved that goal. Now we’re looking forward to showing you all of the exciting projects we have kept hidden up our sleeve, but first, we should introduce ourselves. The new GR team is creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for gamers of all backgrounds, who can meet on our site or forum to discuss their favorite hobby with like-minded people. In short: GameRevolution is for everyone.

Here’s the team behind the new GR:


Paul Tamburro

Executive Editor

Twitter: @PaulTamburro

Favorite Games: 

OverwatchHalo 2, and Super Mario World.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does: 

Twisted Metal (PS3)

About Paul:

Hello, I’m Paul, and I’m in charge of preventing the site from setting on fire. I’ve been working in online media since I was a teenager, putting my near-infinite number of hobbies to good use by building a career out of them. Video games have been a particularly big passion of mine ever since I beat Super Mario World while simultaneously being potty-trained (true story), and now I predominantly play multiplayer games while getting very angry because I’m hopelessly competitive. This also means that I won’t stop until GameRevolution has achieved global domination, so it’s swings and roundabouts, really.


Jason Faulkner

Senior Editor

Twitter: @JasonFaulkner

Favorite Games: 

Final Fantasy VII, Yakuza 0, and Tales of the Abyss.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Colony Wars. It’s not that people don’t like it, but the series never gets much love. It’s one of my favorite space shooters of all time, and I’d really love to see the series get a reboot or sequel (ignoring Red Sun because that one kind of ruined a lot of the lore).

About Jason:

Hi, I’m Jason. I like photography, video games, and hoarding hard-to-find TV shows on my NAS. I do a lot of the reviews around here, so I spend a lot of my time playing tomorrow’s hottest (or nottest) video games. I also help brainstorm a lot of the new and exciting things we try around here at GR, so I’m always working on one project or another.


Mack Ashworth

Staff Writer

Twitter: @GamingWithMack

Favorite Games: 

The Last of UsGears of War, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Not Remastered! Damn you!)

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does: 

Gotham City Impostors

About Mack:

I’m Mack, a big fan of shooting things in virtual spaces across all consoles and PC. While I do dabble in other genres, shooters are where I spend most of my gaming time. When it comes to creating gaming content, I’m happiest when I’m making videos, though writing has its moments, too! I’m an English grad who’s traded books for games, late-night crashes for early morning starts, and cheap noodles for avocado on toast. My inspirations include TotalBiscuit, Paul Tamburro, and Cliff Bleszinski (for one very specific reason).


Michael Leri

Staff Writer

Twitter: @OrangeFlavored

Favorite Games: 

The Last of Us, God of War (2005), and Metal Gear Solid 3.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Assassin’s Creed 3. I’m not sure how it holds up now, five Assassin’s Creed games later, but I could not get enough of that setting. I’ll concede that the Tyranny of King Washington expansion is bad.

About Michael:

Hello, dear reader. I’m Michael Leri and I’m a Staff Writer here at Game Revolution. When I’m not writing about or playing video games, I like to watch films and explore the lovely San Francisco city with my girlfriend. But mainly the first one. If you saw my skin tone, you’d realize that I’m a nearly translucent ginger that sees the sun as often as most vampires. I also try to edit videos for my YouTube channel when I can but that isn’t something I do every day. I do, however, eagerly await the release of the next Mortal Kombat game every day.


Astrid Johnson

Indie Games Writer/Video Producer

Twitter: @jaffameister

Favorite Games: 

Shadowrun: DragonfallUndertale, and Tetris.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does: 

Snowboard Kids (because nobody seems to have actually played it)

About Astrid:

I’m Astrid! Fellow journalist Alice Bell once described my aesthetic as “Neo-retro-revolutionary.” I’m a news writer and video producer for Game Revolution, where my focus lies in the weird stuff and the controversial hot takes respectively. My favorite thing about working for Game Revolution is the fact that the word “Revolution” is in the name of the site, as well as everyone here being absolute units. My passion is in seeking out the oddities, as well as documenting the proliferation of labor rights in the games industry. I’m also a trans woman, and my tiredness knows no bounds.


Ginny Woo


Twitter: @ginnywoes

Favorite Games:

NieR: Automata, Total War: Warhammer II, and Breath of the Wild.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash. You can probably tell why I love it from the name. Imagine a regular shooting game, but with wet t-shirts and water guns instead of bullets and blood. Somehow, that’s also why most people don’t like it. If you get over the titillating scenes, it’s actually a mechanical masterpiece.

About Ginny:

Hey, I’m Ginny! I’m a lawyer by day, and a connoisseur of Koei Tecmo’s Soft Engine by night. I like looking for scoops on the next big games lawsuit, eating my weight in sushi, and playing Final Fantasy XIV. If I’m not doing any of those things, then I’m probably bumbling through a D&D campaign or co-hosting my Nintendo Switch podcast — Switch Focus.

I’m also constantly embroiled in waifu wars on Twitter, so feel free to pile on if you disagree with my assessment of Nozomi Tojo being the best Love Live! honey.


Bradley Russell

Guides Writer

Twitter: @1BradleyRussell

Favorite Games:

The Witcher 3, NieR Automata, and Life is Strange.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Spider-Man 3. Every Spider-Man game is great. Deal with it.

About Bradley:

Hey, I’m Bradley. I am legally required to tell you that my puns are terrible and I should, under no circumstances, be told otherwise. I’m that weird gaming guy you can’t really fit into one neat box: I love all of the sports games, Madden especially, but I’m equally at home polishing off a 45-hour Japanese visual novel. Also, go and play Danganronpa. Like, right now. Seriously.

For my sins, I’m a Crystal Palace and Colts fan which means I’m down in the dumps most weekends – so feel free to mock me over on Twitter.


Cody Perez

Guides Writer

Twitter: @SoulCapCody

Favorite Games: 

Morrowind, 999, and Mass Effect

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Infinite Undiscovery. Absolutely brilliant JRPG story. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. Come on, Microsoft, at least make it backwards compatible!

About Cody:

Greetings! I’m Cody, the nerdy otaku guy that you probably avoided in high school. I love everything Japanese from niche visual novels like 999 and Kara no Shoujo to JRPG’s to anime like Guilty Crown and Tokyo Ghoul. When I’m not here doing your daily guides, you can find me reviewing anime for IGN and Fandom Post. I’m always found loitering around anime conventions and premieres around Southern California, especially during this time of year, so say hello on Twitter if you’re also going to be there! Also, did I mention I’m obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV? (check the photo)


Aimee Hart

News Writer

Twitter: @honhonitsaimee

Favorite Games:

 Final Fantasy X, Tales of Berseria, and Dragon Age 2

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t bad, you guys are just mean.jpg

About Aimee:

I’m Aimee, the idiot who couldn’t play Monster Hunter World because I was upset over killing fictional, pixelated monsters. I like short walks on the beach and JRPGS a hell of a lot, and yet I spend only 6% of my time actually playing them. When I’m not replaying all of Bioware’s games for the 100th time, I write short stories and spend a too-long-to-be-healthy amount of time investing in anime that are over 100 episodes long. I also write for BonusStage and PlanetRockstar, so check my stuff out there too!


Alleef Ashaari

News Writer

Twitter: @ComicsLord

Favorite Games:

Total War: Attila, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and XCOM 2

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Mass Effect 3

Hi, I’m Alleef. I was born in Amsterdam and raised in Malaysia. I’m into strategy games and RPGs/JRPGs. You can definitely guess what my other passion is just from looking at my Twitter handle. I love comics, so I’m ready to discuss anything from the most recent issue of Saga to The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m also a huge science fiction nut, from classics like Babylon 5 to more recent fare like The Expanse. When I’m not writing about video games on GR, check out my ramblings about comics and movie/game reviews at Kakuchopurei.



Sophia Costa

Social Media



Favorite Games: 

Fallout 4BioShock, and The Witcher 3.

A Game That I Love But No One Else Does:

Fallout Shelter

About Sophia:

Hi, I’m Soph! I’m an outdoorsy person, but when I’m indoorsy I’m usually playing video games. I’m a lone gamer, and you can typically find me tucking into the latest 100-hour RPG, or redoing a single-player campaign that I’ve already completed several times before. I have two dogs and patting them also takes up a fair chunk of my spare time.