Atlas controversy explained | The bizarre story so far

Last year had one more noteworthy release in it just before it kicked the bucket. Prominently featured at The Game AwardsAtlas promised to be a pirate MMO on a scale that just hasn’t been seen before. Since launch, the developers have seen the price you pay for dreaming big. With server issues, old assets from prior games and a bad case of sky whales, we’ve seen pretty much everything go wrong for the new game. Still, players are flocking to the experience based solely on potential. If you’re one of those players and you haven’t seen the issues, let us spin you a yarn.

Of all the stories so far, the players who hack into Atlas‘ code to spawn insane items are the most relatable. There’s something poetic about a game about scoundrels and outlaws having issues with keeping their player base playing by the rules. Of course, it’s also a serious concern for the active pirates out there, but whether or not those jets and tanks will ever see the light of day in some official manner is worth wondering about.

The story of Atlas is very much still ongoing. Even with the game’s premiere in Early Access, it has had an exceptionally buggy launch. We’ve also seen plenty of players willing to stick around and fix those issues. Even if the faithful few shrink in number after every buggy patch.

If we had to guess, things will probably get worse before they better. Players want to see the game expand to reach their expectations after a sensational trailer. However, Grapeshot Games will more than likely need to focus on patches and server work for a long while. If it expands too much in these early days, the bugs may scare away everyone. The studio would have a very impressive sandbox, but no one to play with.