The PC Platform Puzzle | Digital Distribution in 2019

In 2019, PC gamers have a lot of choices. Not only does an ever-increasing number of games seem to come out every month, but there are more and more ways to purchase them. Gone are the day’s of Steam’s semi-monopoly, and you might do well to save your Steam sale money for purchases on another platform. With the rise of Epic Games Store posing a serious threat to Valve for the first time in forever, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the landscape of digital distribution. Here is the lay of the land when it comes to PC gaming in 2019.

While there’s been a lot of controversy concerning the rise of the Epic Games Store and its tactic of securing exclusives, there’s no denying that it’s an exciting time. Every game, even those that you’d traditionally think of as console-first, seem to find their way to PC. Even Japan now gets with the program, bringing its most popular franchises to the keyboard and mouse crowd. From Yakuza to Halo, it seems like the PC is becoming the central hub for all of gaming once again.

Of course, this could all change in an instant. With Google, Microsoft, and others moving towards streaming as a primary method of game distribution, it’s possible that all of these platforms could be superseded in just a few years. At the very least, you’ll probably see a lot more offerings like Origin Access and Xbox Game Pass, offering a slew of titles for a low price each month. It’s all up in the air, so gamers should live in the moment. Grab a game you own from some bundle that you’ve never played before and load it up. In the end, playing the game is much more important than whatever wrapper launches around it.