Black Ops 4 weapons that we NEED in Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 marked when the franchise joined in on the battle royale hype train along with Fortnite and Apex Legends. There’s been a constant wave of new characters, weapons, and even another map for the mode. It’s clear Activision is putting all of its weight behind this new experience, but it can always be better. The roster of weapons is good, but it lacks a lot of the Call of Duty staples that fans would love to see back. Especially since Blackout can cover the entire history of the franchise with its characters and map design.

When you’re looking at the available arsenal, several things stand out. The first big problem as of now is that there are not nearly enough shotguns. While it’s true that any battle royale game is more suited towards long range rifles and snipers, it’d be nice to have the option in some close quarters areas of the map. There also aren’t really any insane pickups at higher rarity, especially compared to other entries in the growing genre. If you’re going to add new maps, you could design a new arsenal around a different style of play, forcing players to adapt to new sets of weapons and opportunities.

Perhaps Activision and Treyarch are saving some of the more iconic firearms for future releases. It’s still not clear if Blackout will survive into the next Call of Duty release. If not, it may be treated like the franchise’s myriad multiplayer modes. A true step forward would be to combine each release into a single launcher à la The Master Chief Collection. Admittedly, it did take a while for 343 and Microsoft to work out the kinks. Still, a central hub for Call of Duty that features multiple styles of play from across the years? That could keep layers engaged in an increasingly competitive shooter market.