Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod and the other best Resident Evil mods

Since Resident Evil 2 remake released earlier this year, its community has crafted a smorgasbord of intelligent, creative, and downright bizarre mods for PC players everywhere to enjoy. From cool VHS effects to Mr. X in a thong, the following are some of the best Resident Evil 2 remake mods that fans can download right now.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Cloud Strife

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods, Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod

ZeratulYT’s Cloud Strife mod helps make the wait for next year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake a little more bearable. Though the spiky-haired hero is missing his signature Buster Sword, he’s able to take down zombies with a handgun just as well as Leon. The mercenary is definitely a worthwhile addition to the Raccoon Police Department, despite how odd his arms may look. Hopefully someone out there is hard at work on Tifa and Aerith mods. A Sephiroth mod for Mr. X wouldn’t hurt either.

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Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Darth Vader

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

Modder Crazy Potato has somehow found a way to make Mr. X even more menacing. The Darth Vader mod places the mutant in a Darth Vader costume, complete with helmet, cape, and lightsaber. Players can shoot off the villain’s helmet if they please, though that won’t slow down the brute in any way. Star Wars fans who want to experience how intimidating the dark side of the force could be should look no further.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Thomas the Tank Engine

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

ZombieAli’s Thomas the Tank Engine mod captures the talking train’s vile nature well. As an replacement for Mr. X, the little engine that could crashes through walls, breaks down doors, and smashes heads in with a smile on his gigantic face. DJPop’s soundtrack accentuates the creature’s depravity, as whistles and his theme song play whenever he arrives on the scene.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Mr. Squeaky X

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

Mr. X’s footsteps alone are enough to instill fear into any Resident Evil 2 remake player. Thankfully, Jewelson’s Mr. Squeaky X mod helps ease anxiety by turning each one of the monster’s stomps into innocent squeaks. It’s impossible to take the monster seriously when he sounds like a toy duck. While Mr. X is still able to demolish fans if they aren’t too careful, at least they can run away with a chuckle.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | X Gon’ Give It to Ya mod

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

One thing that Capcom failed to include with Resident Evil 2 remake’s release was popular hip hop artist DMX. The musician’s iconic track “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” is practically Mr. X’s theme song. Fortunately, DJPop ‘s X Gon’ Give It to Ya mod replaces Capcom’s generic “Black Impact” tune with the DMX anthem. Every time the freak bursts into a hallway to ruin everyone’s lives, “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” fades in to lighten up the mood. Mr. X may continue to chase fans around and pummel their skulls in, but it’s hard to stay mad at him for long with an unofficial theme this cool.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | The first-person mod

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

Resident Evil 7 proved to fans in 2017 that the franchise can be just as terrifying from a first-person perspective. Praydog’s first-person camera mod gives players the chance to mutilate zombies from this point of view again. Witnessing creatures like Lickers up close may keep people up at night, praying that a long tongue doesn’t wrap around their necks when they close their eyes. A few bugs keep the experience from being perfect, but it’s certainly worth looking into by fans who are willing to revisit Resident Evil 2 remake’s horrors with a new set of eyes.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Classic UI

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

While Crazy Potato’s classic UI mod doesn’t totally overhaul the menus in Resident Evil 2 Remake, its character sprites, blue inventory slots, and redesigned main screen evoke the original PlayStation game’s aesthetic well. It’s a neat throwback for long-time fans of the franchise and doesn’t require a high-end PC to enjoy. The mod is perfect for players who want to be reminded of the remake’s origins while they have fun with its modern mechanics.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | The VHS mod

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

The VHS mod by nartikaMODS is another offering that veteran Resident Evil fans might enjoy. The filter makes Resident Evil 2 Remake feel like an old B-movie, complete with blurred lines and grainy colors. It may not alter the gameplay in any way, but the mod does a good job of transporting a modern classic back a couple of decades. People who love messing around with in-game screenshots may also find the VHS mod worth their while.

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods | Beachboy X

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

As the image above indicates, MisterHecks’ Beachboy X mod replaces Mr. X’s clothing with a pair of shades, flip-flops, and “fancy swimwear.” People who are easily terrified by muscular physiques may cower at the sight of an exposed Mr. X. Others who appreciate the hard work that goes into chiseling a body that impressive could like to the mutant for guidance on their body-building journey. Hero or villain, Mr. X’s fit mass will remain a topic of conversation among Resident Evil fans for many years to come.

There’s a good chance that Resident Evil 2 remake modders will find new ways to ridicule Mr. X in the near future. While the humiliation is justified, here’s hoping that subsequent creations don’t strip more clothing off the abomination. He needs his privacy too.