The Hottest Fall 2019 Anime | From My Hero Academia Season 4 to Psycho-Pass 3

We won’t sugarcoat this: anime fans are going to have a busy fall. Psycho-Pass is being revived for another season soon, while modern classics like My Hero Academia and The Seven Deadly Sins will return after a long break. People who aren’t into shonen won’t have it easy either, as popular slice of life shows like Food Wars! and Chihayafuru are also set to make a comeback too. The following are the fall 2019 anime that every otaku should keep on their radars. The sun may be setting sooner, but there’ll be no time for sleep during the next couple of months. Be warned that spoilers for prior seasons may be found below.

Fall 2019 Anime | Psycho-Pass 3

Fall 2019 Anime

It seems like Psycho-Pass‘ third season will finally explain what protagonist Akane Tsunemori alluded to when she said the Sibyl System’s “true worth” will be tested one day during the 2015 movie’s epilogue. Production I.G should explore the ethics of the law enforcement enterprise further in this sequel series, as many characters on the show haven’t fully committed to an opinion on it yet. Some more acknowledgement of the show’s second season would be nice too, even if it’s still met with mixed reception. Psycho-Pass 3 will debut sometime this October.

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Fall 2019 Anime | The Seven Deadly Sins‘ fourth season

Fall 2019 Anime

Let’s get this out of the way: season four of The Seven Deadly Sins is often referred to as season three because Netflix considers the franchise’s four OVA episodes to be a season. It’s also important to point out that this fourth season is premiering in Japan first this October. Its official English dub should arrive sometime next year.

Fans can expect to see the show’s titular crew deal with the remaining Ten Commandments after protagonist Meliodas murdered their commander, Fraudrin, at the end of season three. It’ll be interesting to see how the main character’s relationship with Elizabeth will develop when The Seven Deadly Sins returns, as Meliodas hints that his demon side may take over soon.

Fall 2019 Anime | Food Wars!‘s fourth season

Fall 2019 Anime

Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed this past summer that Food Wars! will be returning this fall with a season called “The Plate of God.” There’s a good chance that the sequel will pick up right where season three left off, as protagonist Soma and a few friends are about to take on a group of powerful cooks called the Elite Ten. This could very well be Food Wars!‘s final season, as it follows a late arc in the manga. Here’s hoping that there’ll at least be two parts this time.

Fall 2019 Anime | High Score Girl 2

Fall 2019 Anime

High School Girl 2 will keep the magic of ’90s arcade games alive when it debuts sometime this October. Fans can expect the love triangle between protagonist Yaguchi Haruo, Oono Akira, and Hidaka Koharu to be intact when the show returns, considering how the main character’s obtuseness is one of the High School Girl‘s most hilarious aspects. Otaku who thrived on classic fighting games like Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight growing up may find a lot to love about this show if they haven’t seen it already. It’s a great trip down memory lane.

Fall 2019 Anime | Sword Art Online: Alicization‘s second part

Fall 2019 Anime

Sword Art Online: Alicization will return sometime this fall and will seemingly focus most on new character Alice as she attempts to heal Kirito after he suffers a major injury during the last arc. If the show’s official poster serves any indication, it appears that the series’ other preeminent mascot, Asuna, will join the fray somehow. Kirito may have managed to contact her before entering a vegetative state, but there’s no way of knowing for sure yet. Whatever the case may be, it’s possible that this “War of Underworld” arc will reach its conclusion with some of the franchise’s best heroes and heroines in tow.

Fall 2019 Anime | Chihayafuru 3

Fall 2019 Anime

After over six years, Chihayafuru is finally set to return this fall. While it’s a given that this new season will have main character Chihaya Ayase participate in more fierce karuta matches, it will be interesting to see whether or not it will pick up right after the protagonist and her friend, Taichi Mashima, decide to go to a Fujisaka camp. Will the pair’s relationship develop from here, or will Chihaya continue to reject Taichi? Fans will have to wait just a little longer to witness this romance blossom or fail completely.

Fall 2019 Anime | My Hero Academia‘s fourth season

Fall 2019 Anime

Trailers indicate that My Hero Academia‘s fourth season will continue adapting the manga’s “Shie Hassaikai” arc, the likes of which sees main character Izuku Midoriya team up with members of U.A. High School’s Big Three in order to take down the Yakuza and a new villain called Overhaul. The Quirks that this season will explore are some of the best that franchise creator Kohei Horikoshi has conceived so far. The stakes here will be much higher than they were in the past and major characters will suffer devastating consequences. Fans better get their tissues ready.

It won’t be long before even more promising shows like Haikyuu!!‘s fourth season and Laid-Back Camp‘s second season arrive. Whatever anime suits one’s interest, every otaku out there should remember to binge responsibly.