Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | What we want to see

Due to a cover art leak and the natural order of things, Capcom is almost assuredly developing a Resident Evil 3 remake. The announcement is likely imminent even if there are some differing rumors on its proposed release date. Capcom’s remakes and remasters can run the gamut between small changes and grand redesigns so here’s what we want to see in a Resident Evil 3 remake.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | Over-the-shoulder shooting

While the Resident Evil 3 remake is more than likely going to have over-the-shoulder shooting, it is still worth asking for because of how much it has benefited the series. The remake for the original Resident Evil game is quite good but it wasn’t as modern because of its fixed camera perspective. The Resident Evil 2 remake felt more modern because it decided to adapt to the times in a more mechanical way. There might be room for a top-down RE game somewhere in the future, but given how smooth the over-the-shoulder shooting has been since RE4 makes it hard to go back so RE3 should stay with the times in this regard.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | Mercenaries mode

Resident Evil 2 the ghost suvivors 4th scenario

Mercenaries mode has been a staple in Resident Evil for quite some time, starting with the original Resident Evil 3. But Resident Evil didn’t quite have as strong of shooting mechanics back then so a sort of repeatable combat-oriented mode would make more sense now. With Resident Evil‘s aforementioned streamlined third-person shooting that allows for a stronger combat loop, Mercenaries makes more sense, especially for RE3.

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The original game was widely criticized for not being as replayable because it didn’t have two scenarios (or four, depending on how you slice it) like its predecessor. A thorough Mercenaries mode might squash some of those complaints as it would add something to do after players finish the campaign. Giving players a healthy unlock system might help, even if it is just some skins and extra weapons. The Resident Evil 2 remake added some sort of wave-based survival mode with the free post-release No Way Out scenario, but the RE3 remake can — and should — do more.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | More Carlos

resident evil 3 remake wish list

A Carlos scenario might also add some more replayability and even if Capcom doesn’t give him his own route, he does deserve a bigger place in the story. He only had his small section in the game, which was quite jarring considering how in-depth RE2 went into two distinct protagonists.

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We are also in a more story-driven era so it would make more sense to flesh out Carlos as a person. Delving into his backstory and probably giving him a few more tasks to do could give players more insight on a character that didn’t get enough attention the first time around. If Capcom decides to not to change his role in the story and still keep him on the box, perhaps he could star in a separate campaign like RE7‘s Not a Hero or an expanded and more focused version of the RE2 remake’s Ghost Survivors.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | Better and more involved difficulty options

resident evil 3 remake wish list

Loading up RE3 on the PS1 nets you two options: Easy and Hard. Normal is missing and it shows. Neither of the provided settings feel quite right as evidenced by the boatload of ammo you get on Easy and the difficulty spikes you find on Hard. These unfortunate situations show that the remake should have the bowl of porridge that doesn’t hit either extreme and how Capcom should offer a suite of different options that satisfy every type of player. Capcom has done a remarkable job of balancing difficulty this generation — especially with games like Mega Man 11, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 7 — so hopefully this game will continue that streak.

Capcom could also up the ante with its approach to difficulty by implementing more options. While Nemesis has the potential to add a great deal of randomization, it would even better if Capcom went one step further and added a randomized mode that mixed around enemy spawns, item locations, or both at the same time. Knowing what happens can suck some of the tension out of a horror game so this would not only make the game scarier but also address the original’s relative lack of replayability. Resident Evil has dabbled with this by changing up enemy spawns and item locations in RE7‘s Madhouse difficulty but allowing for more randomization would be the best way to improve upon on an existing good idea.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | Wait for next gen

ps5 New Splinter Cell Wish List | Wait for the next generation

The Resident Evil 2 remake runs smoothly and looks stunning on every possible system it is on from a base PS4 to a high-end PC. But it’s almost impossible to ignore that we are on the eve of the next generation and the opportunities that new hardware affords. Like the rumored upcoming Splinter Cell game, a next gen horror game would be able to have the power to use new lighting tech to push the genre forward. Better lighting might have the opportunity to create a more horror-friendly environment draped in shadows and tonally appropriate darkness. A current gen port shouldn’t be ruled out but a version that utilizes the extra juice from new consoles could easily be a showpiece for the hardware that contains a more immersive experience.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Wish List | A scarier, more unpredictable Nemesis

resident evil 3 remake wish list

Of course, this power also has the ability to better highlight Resident Evil 3‘s most memorable aspect: the titular Nemesis. The Resident Evil 2 remake’s Mr. X was a proving ground for what was possible in an RE3 remake since he was more unpredictable and dynamic than his appearance in the PS1 original. And the RE3 remake would be better if it build on what Mr. X did, given how that is this game’s entire schtick.

The Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation comes to mind as something to look at for inspiration, as that persistent beast created a sense of fear that scripted jump scares could never match. Nemesis isn’t as cunning or agile — he’s more of a straight up brute — but Capcom should look at how the Xenomorph’s presence created an aura of unshakable tension and go from there. The alien’s unpredictability was its best feature and was where Mr. X could sometimes feel a little lacking.

Safe rooms shouldn’t be as safe you shouldn’t ever be sure that Nemesis won’t show up. Perhaps he could burst through some walls or show up in unexpected places that not only differ from the original but also from playthrough to playthrough. His impact on the environment should be felt, persistent throughout the game, and a little different every time to always keep you on your toes. He could still be a terrifying monstrosity if he merely repeated what Mr. X already did, but he would be more worthy of his legacy of he stepped up his antics considerably. Nemesis was the original unkillable, persistent monster so it would be fitting if he could push the envelope forward.