Resident Evil 2 DLC possibly teased with mysterious update and Steam achievement

The steady drip of Resident Evil 2 DLC stopped, well, dripping shortly after the game released at the beginning of the year. But according to a recent mysterious achievement found Steam, Capcom might be on the cusp of unveiling some new Resident Evil 2 remake DLC.

The additional achievement (which was also discovered in the game’s Japanese version) found at the bottom of the game’s list was discovered on ResetEra and has a crudely drawn Kanji symbol as the picture. The symbol roughly translates to “placeholder” in Japanese. It also says “EN_name” next to it as the achievement title, possibly being some placeholder before the team can figure out an English name for this proposed achievement. This does not show up on PSN as a trophy nor does it currently show up on Xbox One.

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But there’s even more evidence for upcoming Resident Evil 2 DLC when looking at the game’s branches on the Steam Database. The game was recently updated with a few new branches both yesterday and today. These branches are used for internal testing on locked builds of a game.

Resident Evil 2 DLC teased with mysterious update and Steam achievement

However, Capcom hasn’t hinted at the possibility of adding more RE2 DLC. But that doesn’t mean the game is going to sit still. It’s possible that this is part of some sort of compilation package that has all of the game’s content. Resident Evil 2 is close to having its first anniversary as it came out on January 11, 2019 and Capcom is notorious for releasing its games later down the line with new content or just bundling the base game with its subsequent DLC. Street Fighter 2 is the most obvious example, but Capcom has also done this more recently with Resident Evil 7, Street Fighter 5, Monster Hunter WorldDmC Devil May Cry, and more.

Although a compilation of the same existing content likely wouldn’t yield an extra achievement on the old version, which gives credence to the existence of some sort of new add-on. Whatever it is (or isn’t), it probably isn’t an achievement for seeing Mr. X in a thong.