Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Gamers

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are now officially a thing. Nobody knows how (though surely Hipsters are involved somehow) but they are and they're everywhere. Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the mall, Ugly Christmas Sweaters in the bars, and even Ugly Christmas Sweaters in commercials for weak alcoholic beverages that are socially acceptable to drink at your office party.

Whether it's a fad or it's here to stay, I thought I could deftly avoid this clothing trend equivalent to The Purge, where all fashion crimes are allowable for the holiday season. Then, I got a text from my loving mother: “Don't forget: ugly Christmas sweater/shirt contest with prize to the best.”

Fa la la la la la la la f**k.

If you, two, are having this Ugly Christmas Sweater trend thrust upon you, at least show your gamer pride, and check out some of the best designs we found featuring video games.

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