Rockstar Extends GTA Online’s Festive Surprise

Hope your halls are still decked, because it's still Christmastime in Los Santos.

Those looking to spending a little extra time with multiplayer gaming over holiday break were thwarted by DdoS attacks to both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live starting on Christmas Day. While the Microsoft service came back later that day, it took Sony quite some time to get a fix working. Regardless of the service, Rockstar is keeping the holiday spirit alive, by extending the GTA Online Festive Surprise for both PSN and XBL, according to their Twitter account.

Though Rockstar did not indicate how much longer it would last, “for the time being” criminals of all levels can still bundle up in ugly Christmas sweaters and scarves, have snowball fights, and fire off holiday-themed homing missile launchers.

Fa la la la la la la la BOOM.