D.Va’s Blaster is the Next Overwatch Nerf Gun

few months ago, Blizzard announced that some of the iconic Overwatch weapons were getting their own Nerf versions. However, the studio was coy about who would get their own Nerf guns. Today they announced that D.Va’s Light Gun from her non-mech form will be the second Overwatch Nerf weapon right after Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun. Blizzard unveiled this at ChinaJoy, which is one of China’s largest digital entertainment expos, in Shangai.

The blaster boasts a three-round capacity and will be able to fire its foam dart ammunition at a velocity of up to 80 feet per second. Additionally, the toy includes a spring-action mechanism, a safety switch, an indicator for when the blaster is ready, and, delightfully, D.Va’s bunny charm on the grip of the blaster. No price point or release date has been revealed, but it will likely release alongside the previously announced Reaper Hellfire Shotgun blaster.

These Overwatch Nerf guns are a genius move by Blizzard. By being part of the Nerf Rivals line, which is made for an older audience, it will mean these blasters will be made quite well and they will be perfect for cosplayers and general collectors alike. I’m very proud to see my South Korean professional gamer get the second blaster of the line. It also makes so much sense that this is the next release in the Nerf line since it is a smaller gun compared to many others in Overwatch. The weapon already looks a bit like some of the Nerf guns available from Hasbro. Either way, I will be getting it right when it comes out.

But what do you think? Are you going to Nerf this and pick it up when it comes out? Or are you going to skip out on the whole line? Sound off in the comments below!