More allegations of Skyrim composer sexual misconduct come to light as he denies any impropriety

[Image Credit: Aeralie Brighton / Facebook]

Voice actor Aeralie Brighton is one of the latest people to go public with an account of alleged sexual harassment in the gaming industry. She is accusing Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule, making this the second claim of alleged sexual misconduct by the famous soundtrack composer, after indie developer Nathalie Lawhead decided to share her account.

Brighton said that she has “fallen prey to Jeremy Soule” back in 2014. She was “sexually harassed and violated both emotionally and professionally.”

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Brighton outed the incident on her Facebook account, replying to people who are asking for proof with the following: “I hardly believe you’d like to see the video he sent me of him masturbating ‘for science’… or what about about him asking me to come over to his home to demo mics at 11pm at night and talk about other vocalists who all want to sleep with him.”

Brighton said that she has “absolutely nothing to gain, and everything to lose by coming forward.” She added, “While I have had nearly 5 years to process and move on from this event, others may not have had the luxury of being able to move past their traumas.”

Brighton was allegedly pushed from a project she was going to work in: “[…] lead me to believe he is romantically interested and then when I told him I only wanted a professional relationship I was blocked and removed from a project I was proposed to work on.”

Kotaku managed to reach out to Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule following Brighton’s accusations, to which he replied that he does “not agree with her point of view.” Soule also denied Nathalie Lawhead’s allegations, saying, “These 11 year old allegations are false. I am shocked and saddened that these outrageous claims have been made.”

During the last days, several people have come forward with accounts of sexual misconduct and gaslighting. Ken Wong is one of the alleged abusers, and Oculus VR co-founder Michael Antonov was also accused of alleged sexual assault.