Trihex speedruns his heart with a Carolina Reaper tortilla chip

A well-known speedrunner recently undertook a different kind of heart-pounding challenge. Trihex is a Twitch streamer who has been beating games in record time for over a decade. During one of his livestreams, he decided to eat a Carolina Reaper tortilla chip and captured the chat’s reactions. Suffice it to say, it went rather badly for him.

If you’re not the sort who’s really into spicy food, you may not know exactly what Trihex had gotten himself into, and for that you’ll need a bit of context. The Scoville scale is a way to measure the spiciness of foods. A bell pepper falls in the 0–100 range. A jalapeno pepper is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,500–8000 SHU. A Carolina Reaper, on average, clocks in at 1,569,300 SHU.

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The Carolina Reaper is widely considered one of (if not the) hottest peppers in the world, and the madlads at Paqui decided that this would be a good choice for making some potato chips. Trihex can’t pass up a good challenge, it seems, and so he decided to take just a single bite of one of these fiery hot tortilla chips live on his stream. He also hooked up a heart rate monitor to show just how badly it was affecting him.

His heart rate was hovering around 100 prior to eating the Carolina Reaper tortilla chip; he had just come off of playing some levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Once he bit into the chip, he lasted roughly a second before he started rapidly tapping his feet in distress. His heartrate proceeded to rocket up to a maximum of 126 as he coughed at the sheer intensity of the heat.

Thankfully, Trihex was smart enough to prepare a decently-sized glass of milk beforehand; he eventually chugged the entire thing as he tried to counteract the heat from Paqui’s devastating tortilla chip. You can watch Trihex take the One Chip Challenge in the Twitch clip below. If you’re one of those crazy people who likes to try hot stuff, you can get the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenge Tortilla Chip on Amazon.

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