Untitled Goose Game creators urge UK to vote Labour

Untitled Goose Game developer House House has sent out a “non-goose” message urging UK followers to vote Labour in the next General Election. The studio posted an image of the game’s goose protagonist next to a bed of roses, a flower used in the Labour Party’s logo.

It’s rare to see a game developer being so specific when it comes to politics, given the line in the sand that such a statement can create. With most studios being more inclined to appeal to the widest possible demographic, House House using its newfound fame thanks to the mammoth success of Untitled Goose Game is a bold move.

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The tweet can be viewed below:

The reception to House House’s comment has been largely positive. “SCANDAL – TURNS OUT THE GOOSE WAS NICE ALL ALONG! :D,” one user replied. “It’s another dire morning in the UK, and you are a kind goose,” another added.

In other goose-related news, Untitled Goose Game‘s PS4 trophy list recently leaked, indicating that a release on the console could be imminent.