Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition,Resident Evil 4 GameCube Cheats

Unlock these characters for "The Mercenaries" mini-game by getting a Four Star rating in the following maps:

Albert Wesker The Waterworld
HunkIsland Commando Base
Ada Wong The Pueblo
Jack Krauser The Castle

The Best Mercenary:

Unlock Albert Wesker first and use him to get the 5 Star ratings in the other areas. He has the best choice of weaponry: A Punisher, a Magnum, an Auto Rifle, and Grenades.

Easy Money:

In the farm, there are three chickens that lay gold, white, and brown eggs. Just wait around and keep collecting them. Speed things up by running in and out of the zone or fooling with the typewriter.

Better Treasure:

You can combine certain types of treasure to increase its value. Try combining items like the Beerstein, Elegant Mask, and Butterfly Lantern with various colors of Gems and Catseyes you find.

Infinite Handcannon:

Obtain a 5 Star Rank with every mercenary in every stage to unlock the Handcannon. Upgrade it to its highest level to get infinite ammo, which will cost around 790,000 Pesetas.

Infinite Rocket Launcher:

After beating the game, it will be available to buy for 1 million Pesetas.

Infinite PRL412 Lasercannon:

Beat the game on Professional difficulty and it will be availble for purchase when starting a new game.

Knight Ashley:

Beat the game once to unlock the Seperate Ways mini-game. Beat the Seperate Ways game to unlock Leon's gangster costume. When you start a new game, Ashley will be in a suit of armor. She can't be damaged or carried away, making things much easier on higher difficulties.

Mathilda Handgun:

After beating the game, it will be available to buy for 100,000 Pesetas.

Tommy gun with infinite ammo:

Beat the Assignment Ada mini-game to make the "Chicago Typewriter" available to buy for 1 million Pesetas.

Beat El Gigante easily:

Run between his legs when he's close to blast him from behind. When he's coming at you, shotgun blasts to the head work well as you dodge his attacks. After he roars, he'll start to kneel. Get close to him and use the Action command to jump on his back and slash away. Repeat a couple more times, and you're done.

Avoid El Gigante the Second Time Around:

After the raid, you will have to choose a path: either Left or Right. Choose Right and, with the shotgun, make the boulder drop on El Gigante's head. About face and either kick or use the handgun to get through the chained door. You will have to be quick. Go through another one in the same way, and find a key, most likely in one of the last huts down the center.

Make quick cash killing birds:

Toss a Flash Grenade into a bunch of them, to kill them all instantly, making them drop lots of Pesetas. You can also pick them off from a distance with your handgun so as not to alert the whole flock.

5,000 Easy Pesetas:

Look behind every painting of Saddler.

Kill One El Gigante Instantly (at the Lava Pits):

When you get to the lava pit, proceed toward the huge double doors. A cut scene will show two El'Gigantes coming. Run to your right and go up the ladder. Wait until one of the two El'Gigante are about to shake the platform. Then take the zipline down to the other side of the arena. Wait untill one of them is standing on the trap door and pull the lever. Now just kill the other one normally. Do not go near the lava pit until it closes or it will grab you.

Get jewels to sell:

In the Village stage, shoot the bird's nests off the trees.

More enemies and more fun:

When you are at the church you need to stop and look up at the top of it and you will see a bell. If you shoot the bell more enemies will come out from the gaveyard in front of the church. You should be able to bring enemies out as much as you want. At least one or two of them will drop something most of the time.

Keep and Sell the "Special" Rocket Launcher:

Get the infinite rocket launcher. Ada will throw you the "Special" Rocket Launcher in your battle with Saddler. Grab it but do not use it. Use the infinite rocket launcher to kill Saddler and when you start a new game, it will be in your inventory to sell.

Scope Ashley:

When Ashley is either up on a ladder or a cliff, you can point your gun at her and she'll call you a pervert while grabbing her skirt. Any ladder where Ashley is too high up, and where you'll have to use your sniper rifle to look up her skirt, she will not notice you and, therefore, will not stop you.

Beat The Game With A Short Time Record:

Play until you are near the end of the end of the game. Stand in a safe area, like a save point. Then just walk away without pausing (You can turn off the TV). The time clock flips back to zero when it reaches 100 hours. Return to the game at that time and finish it.

Off the Final Boss with Style:

1. To hurt the final boss you have to hurt the eye in his mouth. To make that vulnerable shoot any other eyeball on his body or use the explosive crates or mechanisms on the battlegrounds.

2. Once his weak point is exposed you can shoot it with a powerful gun (shotgun, magnum, etc.) or stand by the boss' head and press A. It will show a cinematic of Leon jumping on the boss and stabbing its eye. This is a nifty trick to save ammo, not to mention it's awesome.

3. If you are having trouble hitting the boss' eyes to expose his weakpoint you can just hit him with the mine launcher. The explosion will always hit one of his weakpoints!

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