NBA Hang Time N64 Cheats

NBA Hang Time


Cheat Time:

Enter these codes at the Tonight’s Matchup screen.

025 Baby Mode
048 No Music
111 Tournament Mode
120 Turbo Passing
273 Stealth Turbo
284 Maximum Speed
390 No Shoving
461 Unlimited Turbo
552 Hyper Speed
616 Maximum Blocking
709 Maximum Stealing
802 Maximum Power
937 No Goaltending

More codes…

Show shot percentage Rotate the joypad once
Big Heads Hold Up and press Turbo + Pass
Huge Heads Up, Up, Pass, Turbo
No Drifting Down, Down, Steal, Turbo
Turbo ABA Ball Hold Right and press Steal
Rooftop Jam Hold Left and press Turbo, Turbo, Turbo

Mortal Hoopsters:

At the Name Screen, enter “Kombat” or “Mortal” and then type in 0004 as the

PIN. You can now play as Boon or Tobias from Mortal Kombat..

Change Rodman’s Hair Color:

When you select him keep pressing C-Right until you find the color you like.

Play on Rooftop:

At the tonight’s match up screen, before typing in any number – hold the joystick to the left and type the Turbo button until the three columns flash. This will get you on a rooftop downtown. And with it comes a couple of cheerleaders….

Lotsa Secret Characters!

Enter the following Names and PINs…

AHRDWY  0000 (Hardaway)
AMRICH  2020 (Amrich)
BARDO   6000 (Bardo)
CARLOS  1010 (Pesina)
CLIFFR  0000 (C. Robinson)
DANIEL  0604 (Thompson)
DANR    0000 (Roan)
DAVIDR  0000 (D. Robinson)
DIVITA  0201 (DiVita)
DREAM   0000 (Olajuwon)
EDDIE   6213 (Ferrier)
ELLIOT  0000 (Elliot)
EUGENE  6767 (Geer)
EWING   0000 (Ewing)
GHILL   0000 (Hill)
GLENNR  0000 (G. Robinson)
HGRANT  0000 (Grant)
JAMIE   1000 or MUNDAY 5432 (Rivett)
JAPPLE  6660 (Japple)
JASON   0279 (Skiles)
JC      0000 (Carlton)
JFER    0503 (Hedrick)
JONHEY  6000 (Hey)
JOHNSN  0000 (Johnson - not Magic unfortunately)
KEMP    0000 (Kemp)
KIDD    0000 (Kidd)
KOMBAT  0004

MALONE 0000 (Malone) MARTY 1010


MILLER 0000 (Reggie Miller)




MOTUMB 0000 (Dikembe Mutombo)

MOURNG 0000 (Alonzo Mourning) MURSAH 0000 (Gheorghe Muresan)

MXV 1014

NFUNK 0101

NICK 7000

PATF 2000

PERRY 3500 (Matthew Perry)

PIPPIN 0000 (Scottie Pippin)

QUIN 0330

RICE 0000 (Glen Rice)

RODMAN 0000 (Dennis Rodman)

ROOT 6000

SHAWN 0123

SMITS 0000 (Rik Smits)

SNO 0103

STACKH 0000 (Jerry Stackhouse)

STARKS 0000 (John Starks)


WEBB 0000 (Spud Webb)

WEBBER 0000 (Chris Webber)


Always Sink Your 3-Point Shots:

When shooting a 3 pointer, try letting go of turbo before you shoot. This will

almost always allow your player to make a “3.” Have fun!!

Thanks to Revolution readers Peter Escott, Neil Scott, Soko, Dusty, StRaNgE,

Viper and Muhammad Meshkin!