Pokemon Stadium N64 Cheats

Pokemon Stadium


New Title Screen:

Beat both the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium modes to change the title screen

(in addition to the map mode). The new title shows Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard,

Venusaur and Mewtwo.

Amnesia Psyduck:

Get all 151 Pokemon in the hall of fame.

Hyper Mode:

Go to the kid’s club. Then go to ‘Who’s The Best.’ Select the Hard difficulty.

Now instead of playing 3 games, play 5. But you can NOT let the computer win

at all. You have to win all 5 games! Then you will have the Hyper Mode as a

new difficulty setting!

Surfing Pikachu:

First, get to the Round 2 Prime Cup Masterball Challenge. Make a Pikachu one

of the 6 pokemon on your team. This Pikachu must be from a Game Boy Pokemon

game pak. It cannot be a rental pokemon. It also cannot be registered anywhere

on your Pokemon Stadium game. So, do NOT register this team when you are done

picking it. When you begin to fight, you must make Pikachu one of the three

pokemon you select for all eight battles. You cannot use any continues. Also,

you cannot save and quit anytime during the cup. If you are successful, you

will be rewarded by being taken to a special screen where you can teach Pikachu


Talking Pikachu:

Upload Pikachu from the yellow version of the game to Pokemon Stadium. When

battling, Pikachu will say its name and have different moves. Note: You must

go into battle for this to work. Do not register Pikachu.

Flying Pikachu:

At main menu press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Start

and you automatically get Flying Pikachu!

Get Pokémon for Game Boy game:

Complete one of the Gym Leader Castles of the Elite Four or your rival to get

one of the following random Pokémon that can be transferred back to your Game

Boy Pokémon game:









Dark Pokemon:

At the game title screen quickly press Up, Up, Right, Up, Left, then Down. You

should hear a pika pika now all of your Pokemon are black or dark.

Pokémon Stadium Cup requirements

Pika Cup:

Pokémon can only be between level 15-20.

Petit Cup:

Level ranges between 25-30. There is a height requirement though. Height 6’8″

limit and weight 44 pounds.

Poké Cup:

Only can use 3 Pokémon, levels 50-55. The sum of the Pokémon’s levels cannot exceed


Prime Cup:

Everything is legal. You can have any level, height, weight, or number of Pokémon.

However, your opponents’ levels are always 100.


Colored Pokemon:

To change the colors of your pokemon try changing the names. For example; use

lower case letters (ie: poliwhirl) change the syllables (ie: Drillbee) or just

plain leave a part out (ie: pika). This can really alter the Pokemon’s looks…you

can even get a Pink Mewtwo!

Change Background:

After unlocking the Doduo and/or the Dodrio mode, when in Game Boy tower, play

your game then press Z.

Rent Mew:

Beat the Gym Leader Castle, plus beat all the cups in Masterball and you will

have unlocked a new gaming mode and a new rental pokemon. Mew is now a rental

pokemon. He can only be used in prime cup, Gym Leader Castle, and Free Battle

(prime cup rules only). You will also have a new title screen.

The Perfect Overall Rental Team:

Fast Gameboy Tower:

Beat one of the two major cups and you will earn a fast Gameboy tower! Beat

both and you will earn a really fast Gameboy tower press C-Right to activate


Attack First:

Immediately after you choose a move and you want to go instead of the computer,

hold L and press A. This works about 50% of the time, mostly in the Pika Cup.

Pokemon Quiz Academy:

If you look closely, next to the Pokemon Lab there’s another building. First

complete the Stadium, Gym Leader Castle and get Hyper mode on Kids Club then

when you choose either to Battle Now, Pokemon Stadium or VS Battle press Up,

Left, Down, Right and you will hear a Pika sound. Now you can go to the building.

It’s a pokemon quiz academy.

Gameshark Codes:

Enable Code (Must Be On)

DE000400 0000

Infinite HP All Pokémon

81285A10 007F

Infinite HP

800AE562 03E7

Max HP

810AE586 03E7

Level 99

800AE584 0063

Infinite 1st Spell

800AE580 00FF

Infinite 2nd Spell

800AE581 00FF

Infinite 3rd Spell

800AE582 00FF

Infinite 4th Spell

800AE583 00FF

Infinite HP

800AE5B6 03E7

Max HP

810AE5DA 03E7

Level 99

800AE5D8 0063

Infinite 1st Spell

800AE5D4 00FF

Infinite 2nd Spell

800AE5D5 00FF

Infinite 3rd Spell

800AE5D6 00FF

Infinite 4th Spell

800AE5D7 00FF

Infinite HP

800AE60A 03E7

Max HP

810AE62E 03E7

Level 99

800AE62C 0063

Infinite 1st Spell

800AE628 00FF

Infinite 2nd Spell

800AE629 00FF

Infinite 3rd Spell

800AE62A 00FF

Infinite 4th Spell

800AE62B 00FF


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