Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive PC Cheats

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive


Cheat Mode:

Press Left Shift + F11 then type one one the following:

Code         Result
TIMELESS     Alternate pause mode
MEDIC        Where is my mind ? (Hint display)
EPITAPH      Our last words (Victory condition display)
POWERMAN     I've got a big gun
SHOW ME ALL  show objects, elements, etc.
SCHNEIDER    Never have enought of these peanuts (abnormal program exit)
JACKAL       Do not waste these bullets
HOLLOW MAN   Invisibility
CLINT        You Win !! (skip level) 



On the level where you learn Doc’s skills put the scarecrow costume on the dock

from where you had to shoot the boat at the other side of the river. You should

see Doc raising his hand and also raising the sunken boat from the river. After

that Cooper will say something like “May the force be with you young McCoy”.


Thanks to Revolution readers Viper and BuLLiTT!