Devil May Cry PS2 Cheats

Devil May Cry

Playstation 2

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Deflect Attack:

During the gameplay hit your devil Tirgger and let it down two stars, then push

the select button and enter- R1, R3, R2, L2, L3, Up, Down, Triangle. Now evey

attack will be deflected

Easy Difficulty:

Start off using continues while completing one of the first three levels. An

option for the easy difficulty setting will appear when starting then next level.

Once easy difficulty is selected, you will be locked into that setting for the

rest of the game.

Hard Difficulty Setting:

Beat the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

Legendary Dark Knight Mode:

Beat the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Dante Must Die Mode:

Beat the game in legendary dark knight mode.

Super Dante Mode:

Beat the game in Dante must die mode. Dante will be able to change into a demon

with unlimited magic.

Big Shot:

To charge up a bullet(s) from Dante, go into fighting mode(R1). Then hold the

fire button for about 3 seconds and Dante’s gun or guns will glow with devil

power! If the handguns are equipped, Dante fires 3-4 super charged bullets.

If the shotgun or any other single-shot weapon is equipped, he will fire 1 devil

shot.(Does not work when the Force Edge is equipped).

Easy Cash:

During mission 4 (Black Knight) once the mission starts, head back in to the

phantoms chapel which will take you to Secret mission 2. From there let the

time limit run out! Then kill all of the little spiders. Which will give you

150 red orbs “cash”. Then leave the chapel and repeat until you are satisfied.

More Easy Cash:

During mission 4 (black knight) after killing Shadow (the big black cat) head

back in to the courtyard and kill all of the sin scythes, depending on how many

are in there 3-20 the amount of red orbs will vary. Somewhere from 100 up to

a whopping 500+ or more! Side note: Use the shotgun easy kills! And happy hunting.

All the Red Orbs You Want:

Works Best in Mission 9, You can get all the red orbs you want with this simple

trick. Go through the mission killing everything you can get your Ifrit on,

Marionettes, Fetish, Blades, everything! collect all the red orbs in the level.

At the very end of the level, SAVE. Do this right before the end! Reset your

game and load your newly saved data. You’ll start the mission over with all

the red orbs you just got! Rinse and Repeat. Always repeat! (note: this only

works with red orbs, not special items or orbs found throughout the level)

Get Easy Red Orbs:

When you fight an enemy, use hightime. When the enemy is in the air get your

handguns and keep shooting at them which makes them float. Do this until the

enemy is dead and you will get the message “Stylish” on the top of your screen.

You will now receive 25 times the normal amount of red orbs.

Super Easy Red Orbs:

This involves a scret mission you can access from Main Mission 4. After fighting a big ol’ scorpion that shoots fireballs (use Vortex to waste him), don’t go through the main door into the lion chamber yet. At the end of the corridor, near a painting of a landscape, go in the door on the right to get the secret mission. It’ll tell you to kill 100 phantom babies without weapons, but screw that and take them out with your sword. You’ll net about 100 orbs or so. Exit the room, the game will say “mission failed”. Now go right back in the room and do it again. And again. And again. There’s also a Time Lord statue in the room, so you can buy stuff. Have fun!

All Star Group Photo:

To unlock All Star Group Photo you must get S Rank on all missions.

Easy Automatic Mode:

Clear any mission from 1-3 using continues, and there will be an option at the

start of the next mission asking if you wish to change to Easy.

Die Mundus Die!:

The first time you wanna kill mundus you will be transformed in to Dante’s father.

shoot him till you can use devil trigger and he’ll be finished in no time. then

when you fight him on the ground, use the grenade launcher and shoot him to

oblivion. Kill Mundus When you use devil trigger he’ll be dead in no time. last

time just keep shooting till your Devil trigger bar is full and use inferno

with Ifrit. when he’s dead you will see a cutscene and Trish powers up your

handguns. Then get your Devil trigger bar full and shoot him with your handguns.

you’ll see a super bullet fired at him and he’s dead! then only thing you need

to do is get out with the plane!

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On

Inf Health 

Flame Gauntlet 

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