Azure Dreams PS Cheats

Azure Dreams


Refill Life:

Stand in any corner and repeatedly press Triangle + Circle.


The following are steps to getting girlfriends…


1. Go to Nico’s house and talk to her father. That should trigger

Nico’s entrance. She will talk to you about how the town isn’t cultured enough.

She’ll also talk to you about her donations to the hospital and temple.

2. Go to the hospital and talk to the doctor. Say the place isn’t that bad.

3. Leave. Go to the tower. Come back by way of wind crystal (dying doesn’t

work). Sell off any new possesions, because you need 4000 gold.

4. Return to the hospital and the doctor will jokingly ask if you are there

to donate for a new hospital. Say you are. Give him the money.

5. Go to the tower again. Return by way of wind crystal.

6. Re-visit the hospital again and talk to the doctor. He’ll thank you.

7. Go to the tower.

8. Upon your return, in the house just north of the hospital, you should see

a blond girl (Cherrl) looking out the window. Talk to her. You’ll frighten her

(You Brute) and she’ll drop her doll. Pick it up and give it to her. The rest

is up to you.


1. Go to the store very often (I’m talking after every time you come back from

the tower).

2. Every time Fur says something try to be as polite as possible.

3. Buy her some gifts – it’ll pay off in the end.

4. At some point your arch-rival will be talking to her and he will annoy her.

Now she is ready for you!

Mia Myria

Keep talking to the old man in the east side of town, who collects books. His

collection of books will soon outgrow his house. He will ask you to build him a

library. Do so, then visit it periodically to see the lovely Mia Myria.


Just help build the town up and donate money for the fountain she wants to



To get Patty as a love interest you must first make her notice you. Do it in

these steps:

1. Wait until Ghosh is a regular at the restaurant. When he is always sitting

at the table, then you can start ordering.

2. Order everything on the menu, one at a time and don’t forget to pay. Just

for fun, say you don’t have any money once.

3. Tell Ghosh to shut up everytime you go in, and remark to him when he talks

about your choices on the menu. After you order everything on the menu you must

go to the tower one more time. When you return you can go to the restaurant

and find it to be closed, but Patty is there by herself. She will ask you to

sit down and fix you something.

4. Ask for her specialty, the prawns. There will be another conversation and

she will greet you after you go to the tower again the next time you visit the

restaurant. When Ghosh asks what’s going on, Patty will say it’s our little


5. Agree with Patty. Ghosh will get so mad that he will leave the restaurant

without paying. The next time you visit the restaurant, again after visiting

the tower first, Patty will have an argument with Ghosh, stick up for you if

you decided not to pay any time, and kick him out. Voila! Patty is now in love

with you.


1. Talk to Madame from the bar, frequently. She will go on about her adventurer

with the blue cape.

2. Make your way up to the tower to the 25th floor. There you should be able

to find a blue cape.

3. Take this cape back to her. She’ll cry and close the bar. As a patriotic

drunk it’s your job to convince her life is worth living, so she’ll re-open

the bar.

4. Once you convince her that it’s o.k. she’ll re-open the bar. The next time

you go in there Vivian will be dancing on the small stage.


Gain More MP:

When your Familiar is at full MP, use a Pita Fruit on it and it’s MP will increase

by one! This might seem slow, but it helps alot, and you can get free Pita Fruits

from your mother before you go to the tower!

Gain HP Wihout Gaining Levels:

First you need a Medecinal Herb. When you enter the tower, or when you get a

medecinal herb use it on your Familiar when it’s at full HP and it’s HP will

go up by one! And also Medecinal herbs can be obtained easily! They cost only

20g at the Blacksmith’s shop!

*Note: Use these last 2 tricks (Gain MP & Gain HP) to pump up your

familliar so you can live longer and make it to higher floors!

6 Step to Get Selphie to Like You:

1.Talk to Her every time you come back from the tower(without dying).

2.At level 2 if you see her and is being attacked by a little green monster

you must kill it for her.

3.When you get back she’ll be confoused why you saved her.

4.Next when you get to level 2 you’ll be attacked by a monster and then she’ll

save you.

5.When you get back talk to her and she will say something like “Why did i save

you?”.And you must say “Because you like me.”She won’t believe you and forget

about it.

6.Next go into the dungeon and come back out with a wind crystal talk to Selphie

and she will ask the same question. you must answer the same answer and she

will say “Oh wow i do!” or something like that.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Money              80012d5c ffff
                            80012d5e 05ff

Infinite Health in Battle   800834e0 ffff

Quick Level Up    800834d0 ffff 

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