Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour PS Cheats

Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour


Unlock Jiminy Cricket

Get all Fireworks Machine Pieces.

Unlock Splash Mountain:

Get all First Place Flags.

Unlock Ned Shredbetter:

Get all Trophies

Unlock X.U.D 71:

Get all Eight Lucky Fairies in every Level.


Haunted Mansion Shortcuts:

– When you enter the mansion, go through the fireplace with the green

smoke coming out of it to the left, for a hidden passage.

– About halfway through the course you will go up some stairs and turn

right. Take the second right and about halfway down the hall, go into

a small corridor to the left and then burst through the picture to reveal

another hidden passage.

GameShark Codes

Have 99 Gold Speed Coins           800832700063
Have 99 Lucky Fairies              800832780063  

8 Trophies in Trophy Challenge     800832740008
30 Coins In Bonus Events           800832700021

Instant Win                        800912f40003

Enable All Tracks                  80083ffcffff



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