Fear Effect Walkthrough

Version : 1.1 (03/09/2000)
Creator : David Blake
Alias : iamnothing
Additional Credits : PLaTiNuMx4, Playrgm, Chris Sanicola, Lee Funk,
                     videogames.gamespot.com, No1Cartman
Platform : Playstation
Availability : www.gamefaqs.com

Copyright 2000, David Blake.
This walkthrough may not be changed, reproduced or redistributed in any form 
without the author's express permission. It is acceptable use to print this 
for a personal copy (of course). To acquire such permission to redistribute, 
contact David Blake at: [email protected]

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This is a complete spoiler. Use only if you are COMPLETELY stuck in the
game. I added the cut scenes as a point of reference between the blocks of 
text. I didn't get all of them (yet) and ignored the ones that didn't move 
the story forward.

Section 1  : Revision History
Section 2  : Controls
Section 3  : Difficulty
Section 4  : Story
Section 5  : Characters
Section 6  : Moves
Section 7  : General Tips
Section 8  : Combat and Weapons
Section 9  : Enemies
Section 10 : Walkthrough
Section 11 : Secrets/Codes
Section 12 : Acknowledgments

Section 1 : Revision History

    Version 0.5 - Walkthrough of Normal Mode
    Version 0.9 - Added Hard Mode info (ending #5 info couresty of 
                  PLaTiNuMx4, thanx!)
    Version 1.0 - Removed expletives at several parental requests (what are
                  you doing buying your kid a game with more expletives than
                  this walkthrough? Especially *this* game), finished the 
                  cut scenes, added controller information, added character
                  descriptions, modified sections for readability, ran 
                  through it with my walkthrough to see any clarity 
                  problems, added more user-supplied information (Playrgm, 
                  Chris Sanicola), researched GameShark entities.
Version 1.1 - Added to the cheats section, revamped the copyright so 
                  that yes, you can print it out (thanx No1Cartman for my 
    TODO for Version 1.x :
        - Verify Cheat Codes from Videogames.GameSpot.Com
        - Check controls
        - Clarity control
        - Find items from the GSCC (water flask, Machine Gun 'O Love, Flash
          disc, A New Desire, Red Vase, Pistol whipper)

Section 2 : Controls

    Default Controller Settings
L1 - 180 degree turn
L2 - Roll (!)
R1 - Run
R2 - Crouch/Sneak
Triangle - Draw/Holster weapon, Perform Actions
Square - Shift inventory left
Circle - Shift inventory right
X - Shoot/Swipe

    Controller Type 1
L1 - 180 degree turn
L2 - Evade (Roll!)
R1 - Run
R2 - Crouch/Sneak
Triangle - Shift inventory forward
Square - Draw/Holster weapon, Perform Actions
Circle - Shift inventory back
X - Shoot/Swipe

    Controller Type 2
L1 - 180 degree turn
L2 - Evade (Roll!)
R1 - Crouch/Sneak
R2 - Run
Triangle - Shift inventory forward
Square - Draw/Holster weapon, Perform Actions
Circle - Shift inventory back
X - Shoot/Swipe

    Controller Type 3
L1 - Crouch
L2 - Evade (Roll!)
R1 - Walk Forward
R2 - Run
Up - 180 degree turn
Triangle - Draw/Holster weapon, Perform Actions
Square - Shift inventory left
Circle - Shift inventory right
X - Shoot/Swipe

Section 3 : Difficulty

There is very little difference in the difficulty factors between the Normal 
and the Hard modes. On Hard mode you get the best ending, but you get less 
ammo and the enemies take more ammo to kill. So rolling and knifing is even 
more important. I didn't notice that it was much harder (my ending info here 
is from PLaTiNuMx4 since I just began disc 4).

Section 4 : Story (from Eidos Interactive)

When the daughter of a powerful Chinese businessman disappears into the 
hedonistic and dangerous Shan Xi Protectorate under mysterious 
circumstances, our team of specialists infiltrate the city and attempt to 
reach her first, hoping to leverage her safety for a sizable pile of cash. 
We will have to search, destroy and fire-fight our way through the archaic 
chaos of an alternate reality China and its inhabitants. Along the way, we 
will be constantly challenged by the henchmen of the girl's father who have 
no intention of letting us get to her first.

But what begins as a mercenary snatch and grab to retrieve a young runaway
instead becomes a mission more perilous and important than any other that we
could've imagined: a battle for the survival of the planet against the King 
of Hell and his minions. For the deeper we delve into the interior of the 
worlds, the more we discover that Shan Xi is more than a claustrophobic 
enclave of villainy... it is also the literal Gate to Hell. 

And using Shan Xi as a staging ground, the King of Hell plans to release the
ultimate evil upon the earth... the purification of the planet by cleansing 
fire. We must stop him and discover the truth behind the seemingly innocent 
girl who is herself hiding a secret so terrible that many will die before it 
is revealed. We're gonna need plenty of skill, plenty of luck and plenty of

Section 5 : Characters

Hana Tsu-Vachel : Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Knife
        From Eidos Interactive:
    Raised and trained in the Province Military Theater, Hana is an expert 
    Covert Operative who specializes in infiltration. She is fluent in the 
    many varied dialects of the Chinese Republic. A world-class marksman and 
    driver, Hana is part French and part Chinese. Her orphan upbringing 
    conditioned Hana to be distant to those that she does not know, and to 
    be careful of whom she will trust. Hana and Glas have worked together 
    before, when Hana was doing freelance work for the French Government. A 
    beautiful woman, Hana lives life with passion and takes life without 

Royce Glas : Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Smakjack 
        From Eidos Interactive:
    Glas is ex-military. He is a highly decorated vet of a number of 
    conflicts that are officially denied by the US government. Currently a 
    gun for hire, Glas operates on the edge of the law and will kill in 
    defense of himself or of his mission without hesitation. Although he is 
    driven by his own sense of honor, he also takes on dangerous assignments 
    because he needs the money. Respected by his team, Glas is fearless, 
    stoic and cunning. He is not your classic burnout, but he's close. He 
    can easily adapt to situational changes. Those who have underestimated 
    him usually find themselves resting peacefully under the topsoil.

Deke : Hand-to-Hand Weapon: Brass Knuckles
        From Eidos Interactive:
    Deke walks the fine line between aggressive and psychotic. A large, 
    brooding man, Deke is attractive to women, but not a pretty boy. Deke 
    enjoys his work immensely, through he remains haunted by the demons of 
    the numerous men and women he has killed. A long-time friend of Glas, 
    Deke is an expert in explosives and weapons. Working with Deke is like 
    making a deal with the devil: he's extremely effective, but he leaves a 
    wide wake of carnage and bloodshed. Unlike Glas, Deke is not 
    professionally trained. Instead, he honed his talents during the many 
    range wars that until recently plagued New Australia.

    Jin is the reason they're even involved. He leaked information about Wee
    Ming's escape into the world to Hana and her associates to get a cut out
    of the procedes. He is the cause of many of Hana and Glas' problems at 
    the Lam building in the beginning (you gotta love weasels).

Mr. Lam:
    Mr. Lam is the leader of one of the most powerful corporations on Hong 
    Kong. His daughter is missing, and he is searching for her himself so he 
    doesn't play nicely with mercenaries who'd extort money from him for her 
    safe return.

Wee Ming Lam:
        From Eidos Interactive:
    Wee Ming is the enigmatic daughter of Mr. Lam. Having led a sheltered, 
    privileged existence, little is known of Wee Ming. It is rumored by Mr. 
    Lam's bodyguards that she has such an ethereal beauty they are required 
    to turn away from Wee Ming when she enters a room, lest they be tempted 
    by her charms. Wee Ming's incursion into the Shan Xi Protectorate is the 
    catalyst for our team's adventure. She holds the key to the excitement, 
    mystery and terror that follows.

Madam Chen
    This is a rather nasty woman from Hana's past. She is the owner of the
    Brothel where Hana grew up and has to return to in order to find Wee 

Brother Spirits
    These two "brothers" help Hana enter the final domain of the King of 

The King of Hell
    He's the Kefka of this game. Just wait, you'll see what I mean (and if 
    you don't know who Kefka is, get the Final Fantasy Anthology because you 
    already missed out). Then this'll make sense.

Section 6 : Moves

Sneaking around:
    On Disc One, sneak everywhere, that way you can knife all the thugs. In 
    the brothel, it's good to sneak, too. In the village (except the train 
    station) don't even bother. The zombies don't care, and the ones that 
    pop up, won't.

Rolling around:
    Get to love rolling. You'll do it a lot. Especially when things are 
    shooting or swiping at you, or just generally intent on doing you 
    bodily harm. Beware when you switch perspectives, or if you let go of 
    the directional controls for a second because you might turn and screw 
    up how you thought you were rolling. The first bunch of times you are 
    getting used to rolling, you'll know what I'm talking about. After a 
    while it becomes second nature.

180 degree turn:
    There aren't a lot of times you'll need to use this, but it's nice to 
    know when fighting multiple enemies. Especially the hook hands since 
    they pop up and down in different places (though set from screen to 

    If you're not sneaking or rolling, you're mostly running. I wish there 
    was an auto-run feature on the options menu.

Section 7 : General tips

Roll. I can't push this point more. If you are rolling you can't be hit by 
normal enemies (boss enemies or mini-bosses with machine gun sprays can 
still hit you). It's also easy to pop up and swipe human enemies with your 
knife, smakjack, or brass knuckles. It you notice that you're out of control 
rolling, stand up and face a direction to get yourself oriented (rolling in 
the fixed movement model is difficult). You can reload and change weapons 
easily while rolling.

Use your close kill weapon any time you can. This will not only save ammo, 
but also won't alert others to your presence. It's also faster than popping 
the enemies with a pistol (and gives them a moment of pause that you can 
swipe them again with).

Section 8 : Combat and Weapons

The targetting system is a little strange at first since in most games the 
target is on the enemy. In FE, the target is in the top center of the 
screen. After a few minutes it becomes second nature to keep track of this 
target. When the target cursor is green, it means that it is a clean shot. 
If it is red, then it it a one-hit shot. This is the money shot. Take it.

Another strange element is the ammunition indicator. When you are on your 
last clip, a red box begins flashing around the bullet in the top right of 
your screen to indicate that you are low on ammo.

Hand-to-hand weapons: 
    The Knife (Hana), Smakjack (Glas), Brass Knuckles (Deke) are often more 
    useful than their distance counterparts (though mostly only on human 
    enemies...and spirits...and hook hands...)

.90 Pistol:
    This is the basic slow fire weapon. It is possible to get another one 
    and target multiple enemies, though.

Hand Cannon:
    These are Deke's weapons of choice. They look like something out the The 
    Pirate Movie (kudos to those who know this movie, even if it wasn't that 
    great). They are very effective.

Machine Pistol:
    Basically these are uzis. They go through clips rapidly, but they kill
    things quick. You can get two of these to target multiple enemies.

    What survival horror game could be without a shotgun? This is a nice, 
    powerful weapon.

Assault Rifle:
    A nice, rapid fire weapon built to pour out the lead. Recommended for 
    most bosses.

MK V Assault:
    You get this from the mini boss Deke kills on the train.

WPS Rifle:
    I don't know where I got it or with who. Fun, eh?

Machine Gun o' Love:
    The only way I know how to get this is using the GameShark.

Section 9 : Enemies

These these are listed according to their first appearance in the game. Many
of them will continue to appear as the game progresses. I'm generating this
after the fact, so I might miss some.

    These guys are generally easy to kill. It's best to use a knife while 
    sneaking (or rolling into them and swiping to max out your ammo for 
    bosses (yes, you can kill all the thugs on the electrical grid in the 
    Lam Building without getting hit by rolling and knifing).

Swat Thugs:
    These guys are a little tougher, but not much. They just have better 
    fire power. Roll and knife them when not sneaking.

Bald Dude (mini boss):
    Roll around and shoot him. Your Machine Gun Pistols work the best. He's 
    easy. For added challenge, knife him. It'll help you get used to the 
    next guy you have to roll around and knife in that room.

Rotoship 1 (mini boss):
    This one's easy. Just shoot the hangs when it's near them.

Rotoship 2 (boss):
    The shot spray switches from the center of the room (from the Rotoship) 
    to the sides (from the Swat Thugs firing at Hana and Glas. Don't get 
    caught in either one and keep shooting the Rotoship.

Green Villagers:
    These zombie things are easy to kill. Just roll and knife them. Make 
    sure to knife them before they swing their machetes. Then they'll fall 
    back to swing again and you can get a few more swipes without getting 
    hit. You can roll past them and avoid them if you want because you don't
    get anything for killing them (except where noted). I think I just call 
    them zombies in the walkthrough 

    These are basically Swat Thugs in other uniforms.

Train Thug (mini boss):
    This guy's pretty easy, too. I wouldn't recommend using two weapons 
    since one can accidentally target the explosive as he is moving into 
    place. Roll in and out from behind the box in he bottom right corner and 
    blast him.

Hook Hands:
    These are demon things. They drop and run at you, then swipe twice. You 
    can take them out with brass knuckles if you're persistent (as they 
    prepare to swipe). I like to use the assault rifle. It's just quicker.

Dude Under the Bed (mini boss):
    He has a pattern to his attacks. Just be on the side of the bed he rolls
    out from and shoot him with the shotgun. Four hits will kill him. Don't 
    shoot the woman on the bed.

    The dot falls on the squares as follows (the X's are the bed):
     6   X    3
     8   X    7
    2(4) 1   5(9)

    These as sort of like the hook hands, but more annoying since they're 
    everywhere in the brothel. Just roll past them or take them out.

Madame Chen (boss):
    Shoot a whore. Pick up the Paper Doll. Use the Paper Doll. Shoot Madame 
    Chen. Repeat. Four shots from the shotgun should do it.

    These things are easy to knife. They come barrelling at you from across 
    the screen. Swipe at them continuously. You might get hit like once, 
    unless there's a lot of them. Then just shoot them because it's not 
    worth it.

Hell Hounds:
    Cool! Skinless hounds! These run and jump on you. Shoot them deader than

Deke (boss):
    Follow the patterns below and shoot him when he appears. He's not too 
    difficult. Each time he releases more spirits and drops stones, the 
    pattern changes.

    Pattern 1:
    Deke takes out stone 3, 2, 1, 2, 3. He pops up in front of 1.

    Pattern 2:
      4 2 5
    Deke takes out stone 3, (4, 2, 5), (5, 1, 4), (1, 2, 3), (3, 5, 1). He 
    pops up in front of 1. Stones drop to the back row. Shoot the hell out 
of him.

    Pattern 3:
      2 3 4
    He takes out: (2, 3, 4), (4, 3, 2), 1

Lam (boss):
    Hana's ending boss is not that difficult. Just kill the beasts and stay 
    alive long enough to collect and burn three paper dollars. If you hang 
    out near the torches Lam can't hit you (but it's hard to see the flying 

Flying Annoyances:
    These are the annoying things that Lam sends after you. Just shoot them 
    and be finished.

Wee Ming (boss):
    Shoot the things and her. Get the ammo, burn it, continue. It's easiest 
    if you get real close to her and just keep your gun trained upwards to 
    kill the spawn freaks and her. The Assault Rifle is excellent for taking
    off big points, quickly.

Spawn Freaks:
    These are the weird things that come out of Wee Ming. They're like her 
    children, and like their mother, deserve to die.

Section 10 : Walkthrough

On Normal (if Hard mode changes anything, I'll denote it with HARD in 
parenthesis; so far, nothing on Disc 1, 2, or 3...unless you get less ammo"
I didn't notice):

Disc One - Inside the Lam Building

    As Hana
Run around the side of the vehicle. Save your game. Use the elevator lift to get
to the top. Equip your knife. Sneak up and knife the first two men. Get the 
ammo. Look in the window next to the ladder. Break the glass (with your knife). 
Climb in the window. Flip the switch. Get the fuse from the shelves. Climb out 
the window. Climb up the ladder. Turn the valve wheel. Climb down the ladder. 
Get the gate key. Head right. Use the key on the gate. Sneak up and knife the 
two thugs. Get the red key card and ammo. User the Red Key Card on the door. 
Sneak and knife the guy. Use the security cameras.

    Cut Scene:
Jin is caught. He is getting smacked around. He drops the key to the locker.

Save your game. Exit the door and knife the two thugs. Get the ammo and the 
machine gun pistol. Equip your machine gun pistol. Ignore the elevator and 
continue past the fans. Kill all the thugs in the electrical grid (two run 
on). Head through the doorway. Get the locker key. Shoot the two guys at the 
bottom of the stairs (or roll around and kill them with the knife. Kill the guy 
in the corner near the door as well. Use the fuse on the fuse box. Save the 
game. Knife the guy right before the electrical grid. Cross the grid by walking
on the first middle panel, then the top panel, then the second middle panel, 
then the rest of the way across. Shoot the guy next to the elevator (it's just 
not worth trying to roll around at that angle). 

    Cut Scene:
Hana pops in the fuse and the thugs on the electrical grid get zapped.

Head back up to the camera room and open the locker. Get the extra gun and the 
blue key card. Head to the elevator. Use the elevator. Get the wire clippers to 
the right of the elevator. Notice the pattern on the lights as you pass. Knife 
the thugs. Save your game. Draw both guns. Use the blue key card.

    Cut Scene:
The thugs have strapped a bomb to Jin and are asking who is looking for. 
Hana comes to the rescue.

Shoot the thugs (but make sure not to shoot Jin).

Cut Scene:
Hana ask Jin what happened. It seems that Lam has been watching him. Hana 
plays him and tells him about Glas and Deke. He tells her about Wee Ming 
being outside of the compound. She talks Jin down in price. 

Get the ammo and the second Machine Gun Pistol. Use the wire cutters on Jin.

The order to cut is:
    4   1
    2   5
    6   3

    Cut Scene:
Jin is being secretive, though and knows that he still has Hana. He gets 
blown out the window by a nasty thug. She is spattered with Jin's blood. 
She follows the thug. He takes the elevator.

Use the explosives on the door near the chain-link fence. Knife the thug at 
the top of the walkway. Save the game. Knife the two thugs. Shoot the next 
guy with your machine gun pistol (it's faster). Climb down the ladder. Knife
the two guys under the glowing letters. Save the game. Head into the letter 
room. Roll around and kill the guy (machine gun pistols do it quickest). Get
the ammo and sign key. Use the Sign Key on the panel where the guy was. It's
a basic puzzle.

Match the symbols with those outside the building. Then from left to right, 
activate each one.

    Cut Scene:
Hana is approached from behind. Switch to Glas.

    As Glas
Save the game. Activate the elevator.

    Cut Scene:
The Rotoship starts firing rockets at Glas.

Dodge the rocket and climb up the ladder. Shoot the first two swat thugs. 
Climb up the ladder (but not all the way; it's kinda cool to do it once). When 
the Rotoship's bullets spray past you, finish the climb and run to the other 
ladder. Run and climb down the other side. 

    Cut Scene:
Glas jumps off the ladder as the Rotoship shoots at the building. Everything

Get the pipe. Use the pipe on the valve. Attack the valve with your 
smakjack or shoot it. Look off the edge.

    Cut Scene:
The metal gives away and Glas falls. THe guard holding Hana is surprised. 
She kicks him. He drops a knife.

    As Hana
Roll around, picking up the knife, and kill the swat thug. Get the assault 
rifle. Sneak out the door and knife the guard. Sneak and kill the first 
thug. Shoot the second. Save and climb up the ladder.

    Cut Scene:
The garage opens and Wee Ming's father, Mr. Lam, comes in and has the guards 
grab her. They beat her up. Glas wakes up on a series of pipes.

    As Glas
Run along the pipes when they're not hot. Stop off along the small T and 
save. Run the rest of the way along the pipe to have a showdown with the 
Rotoship. Run to the top-right corner (grabbing the ammo). When the target 
appears, fire with your two guns. Dodge the bullets and run to the left 
screen. Run to the top-left corner (grabbing the ammo) and fire at the 
Rotoship when the target appears.

    Cut Scene:
The Rotoship crashes into the streets below. Glas crawls down into a window 
below where Jin was blown out the window.

Go out the door. Save the game. Sneak down the hallway, knifing the swat 
thugs. Head towards the elevator (near where Hana picked up the wire 
clippers. Smakjack the guys there. Get the ammo and assault rifle. Sneak 
into the blasted room and knife the first thug. Switch to the assault rifle 
and take them out as they keep coming. Pick up a lot of ammo. Head up the 
walkway and shoot the thugs. Save the game. Head over the electrical grid 
and shoot the thug. Continue along and shoot the next thugs. Go down the 

    Cut Scene:
Lam is quizzing Hana on the code for the Disc that Jin gave her. She doesn't 
know the code because Jin played her. He throws the disc to her and orders 
the guards to kill her. Glas appears and begins shooting guards. He throws 
a gun to Hana.

    As Hana
Stay in the left wall and shoot at the Rotoship while it is blasting the 
center of the room. When it stops, roll into the center and keep shooting 
it (get the ammo, you'll need it). Just keep shooting until the life meter 
in the upper right corner is gone.

    Cut Scene:
Hana jumps in the Rotoship and shoots the pilot. She takes the controls.

    As Glas
Run down the walkway and enter the Rotoship.

    Cut Scene:
Glas jumps on the Rotoship and Hana flies off. They head to pick up Deke at 
the hotel. Deke gets a package with an encryption spike. They pick him up 
and watch the Disc. He's interested in money, just like the rest of them. 
They have to get Wee Ming to get out of China alive. There is something 
freaky going on with Lam and something called the Fongen because Wee Ming 
has disappeared. Jin mentions a woman from Hana's past. They are run off 
the road by another car. They decide to sail down the river towards where 
Madam Chen's brothel is. Hana takes a shower, to get pulled up by Deke and 
Glas because there's a village burning. They head off, leaving Hana in her 
towel on the dock.

Disc Two - The Fishing Village along the Hak Sik River / Train Station

    As Hana
Shoot the zombies (or roll and knife 'em). Run up the path. Kill the 
zombies. Get the other pistol. Head back and kill the zombie that's 
"playing dead."

    As Deke
Head to the first building.

    Cut Scene:
A man shoots at Deke. Deke kills him and takes the paper doll he was 

Kill the zombies.

    As Glas
Save. Get through the fire without getting burned. Cross over the next 
section when the fire is out, too.

    As Hana
Shoot the zombies. Head up the path. Crouch and kill the zombies with your 
knife, one by one (time consuming, but ammo conserving; there are 6 of 
them). Kill the zombie playing dead outside of the hut. Enter the hut. Kill 
the zombies. Continue along the water to the hut. Kill the zombies. Get the
Po Mon Key. Head to the gate up the junction opposite the buildings. Use the 
Po Mon key. Save.

    Cut Scene:
The old woman tells you of a man that was bleeding to death. Wee Ming 
brought him back to the village covered in his blood. Ever since the 
villagers have turned into zombies. Now the guards kill anyone who comes 
near the train.

Head out the back of the hut. Knife the guards. Head away from the station. 
Knife the guard. Save. Knife the next guard. Sneak past the zombie and shoot
the guard. Get the ammo. Knife the zombie. Head back to the station. Go into
the station. Knife two guards and shoot the remaining one.

    Cut Scene:
A Guard pulls a gun on Hana.

Use the towel.

    Cut Scene:
The guard is happy. Deke snaps his neck.

    As Deke
Knuckle the first guard. Shoot the second and third. Get the shotgun shells in 
the corner near the ramp. Kill another guard for an assault rifle. Save. Head 
towards the ramp and kill the guards with your assault rifle. Go through the 
downside of the train and shoot the guards. Head along the upside of the train and kill the 
three guards standing around. Head up the train to the open door. Enter the 
car. Hide behind the box (bottom right) when he's shooting and jump up and 
shoot him with the assault rifle. Just wait until he shoots three times and 
pop out to kill him. Don't shoot the explosive box behind him (shooting 
before he is standing). Get the MK V Assault Rifle. Exit the car and shoot the three 
guards. Get the ammo and the ladder access card. To get more ammo, head to 
the front of the train and kill the two guards there. Use the ladder control 
panel. There is now a puzzle. 

Put the fuses in the middle column under POWER and under LOCK 3. Then in the 
first column under POWER and LADDER.

Climb the ladder.

    Cut Scene:
Here we meet the hook hands. They think Wee Ming belongs to them.

Save. Don't fall off. The crappy load times are annoying here. Shoot the hell 
out of the hook hands. Creep along and kill three more with the MK V Assault 
rifle. Wait until they're right on you otherwise you will probably fall off 
trying to get the ammo they leave. Kill three more and you're home free. 
Shoot two and get the ammo. Kill the third and a cut-scene will 

    Cut Scene:
Glas catches Wee Ming. He tells her that he's taking her back to Lam. She 
won't go. Zombies come.

As Glas
Kill the zombies. All the zombies.

As Hana
Save. Kill the two guards near you (towards the rail station) and get the 
assault rifle and ammo. Head back up past the save point. Kill the zombie 
and the guard (rolling with the knife to save ammo). Head back towards the 
station. Kill the guards near the hut. Knife the first guard at the station. 
Get his ammo. Head back through the hut. Kill the zombies. Head into the 
large hut. Kill the hook hands. Get the ammo. (To kill all the zombies, head 
down to the dock and kill two more) Head up to the hut up the path. Kill the 
hook hands. Kill the zombie and get the Xi Mon key. Head back to the gates 
you couldn't open previously (opposite the station). Enter the far door. 
Kill the hook hands and the guard. Get the ammo and the train key. Exit. Go 
back up to the train. Save. Enter the train. Read the note to the right of 
the controls.
    please deliver the FOREkiN weapon shipment TO the boss BeFORE TOmmorrow 
    evening TO See your EIGHT GRAND

    Look at the letters: FoRE N TO B FORE 2 2 SEE 8 8 N D : 4N2B422C8000
    Also, you can just reverse the memo number in to top right hand corner.
       (thanks Chris Sanicola).

    Cut Scene:
The train starts going but some thugs jump on. Deke heads up to take care of them.

    As Deke
Don't fall off the train. Kill the guards. Run as fast 
as you can before the train runs off the bridge.

    Cut Scene:
The train runs off the bridge.

    As Glas
Walk up the tracks. Shoot the guards. Get the assault rifle. Shoot more 
guards. Get all the ammo and the truck key.

    Cut Scene:
Glas gets in the truck. Wee Ming is in it. She wants them to take her to Madam
Chen's, then they can have her for the money. They pull up in front of her 
"restaurant." Glas wants to go inside. They see Madam Chen. Lee Ming introduces 
herself and Mr. Lam comes in. They knock Glas over the head and throw him in a 
Disc Three - Madam Chen's "Restaraunt"

    As Glas
Get the cooking oil. Break the cooking oil pot in the USE spacein the upper
right corner. Pour the cooking oil on the middle space (the one without a 
drain hole). Roll around until the thug slips. Head out. Sneak up on the 
thug and club him.

    As Deke
Okay, here's where the looping becomes important. Watch carefully to see 
which of the glass panes is not cracked (or just look below for the 
solution). Below is a table of the glass segments that aren't cracked:
        O From the beginning of the game. Glas kills Wee Ming. Hana jumps in. Wee Ming 
rises up again. Glas and Hana have a showdown. Spirits from the procession 
attack Glas (it froze on me here). 

    As Glas:
Shoot them and roll.

    Cut Scene:
Wee Ming's father give's Glas back his hand.

    As Hana:
Hana watches Spirits fade towards the tree. Run in. The spirits will jump Hana 
on the larger space with Chinese writing. Kill the hook hands. Run up to the 
tree. Use the puzzle. Place the stone items where you found them on the cards.

     1       B
3 - - - - F -
   2 F -  S

  F   - H F 4
Use the Stone Scroll on 1.
Use the Stone Eye on 2.
Use the Left Stone Half on 3.
Use the Right Stone Half on 4.

    Cut Scene:
The world shifts and Hana is now in a twisting paper house.

Disc 2 - Hell

Use the paper doll on the altar. Kill the hook hands. Save the game to the 
right of the Altar. Get the ammo and use it on the fiery altar. Place the 
objects on the symbols above the altar. The Stone Eye goes in the glowing 
wall piece near where Hana started. The Stone Scroll goes in the far ent of 
the room (furthest from where Hana began). The Stone Tree goes to the right 
of where Hana started. Here's where you can choose your endings.

    Cut Scene:
Hana is raised on an elevator. Jin is the King of Hell. Hell is full. He was 
testing us. His blood caused Hana to be immune. He demonizes Lam.

Choose who to take out Hana or Glas. There are five endings. Two if you win 
with either character. Two if you die. The fifth is when you complete the 
game on hard mode (choose the space between Hana and Glas).

    With Hana
Kill the flying annoyances when they get near you. Use the Paper Money 
(three of them) on the two torches. If you stay in the far corners near the 
torches, Lam can't hit you. The flying annoyances can, and are harder to 

    Ending Scene (lose):
Hana falls to the ground. The King of Hell doesn't let Lam have her. We see 
her walking along side Wee Ming.

    Ending Scene (win):
Wee Ming says that she hopes not to see Hana again. She disappears. She 
kills the King of Hell. "Now I've ruined everything." She walks off. 

    With Glas
Wee Ming is a nasty *****. She begins spawning freaks out of her flesh. Keep
killing them with everything you have. Get the ammo and use it on the 
flames. Keep shooting. It's easy if you never let them get away from her. 
Take out her with your assault rifle. Take out the others with your pistol.
One of the best strategies is to get as close to her as possible (while 
still a step away or so because you don't want the spawn freaks to get you 
from behind) and you'll autoswitch between the spawn freaks and her (and 
it's easier to pick up the ammo and run for the torches).

    Ending Scene (lose)
Glas dies. Wee Ming wants us to all look into her eyes.

    Ending Scene (win):
Wee Ming turns into a paper doll which Glas takes. The King of Hell brings 
everything down around Glas. Glas escapes and burns down the brothel.

    HARD MODE Ending (lose)
Same as the Normal Hana death ending.

    HARD MODE Ending (win)
Hana and Glas cooperate. Glas takes Wee Ming while Hana fights Lam. Wee Ming 
promises to pay for the sacrifices. Jin berates her. Glas shoots him into a hell 
pit. They crawl out othe the hole. Deke is sitting on a toilet as they come 
crawling out. Glas has his arm.

Section 11 : Secrets/Codes

    The Gameshark Code Creators Club has some GameShark codes at:

    Fifth Ending on Normal Mode
Okay, well, it was pointed out to me that you can finish the game on
Normal and then to get the fifth ending, select Hard Mode before you
load your game. I could swear I tried this and it didn't work, but maybe
I was on crack, so I'll go try it again (Thanks Lee Funk).

    Weird GameShark Items
I noticed a couple of items that would disappear after a short period of
time after killing some of the creatures and am thinking they might be
related to the wierder items on the gameshark list. So I'll be checking
this out. Most likely they were puzzle pieces that ended up being
removed from the game during QA testing.

    (From videogames.gamespot.com:)
To use the cheat codes, go into the Options Screen from the menu, then go 
into Credits, and enter the codes:

1. Infinite Ammunition - Gives you 999 units of each ammo type.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Triangle, Square, Left, Triangle 

2. Infinite Health/No Fear - Player never takes a death and/or damage 
   throughout the game, except by damage polys.
            L1, Triangle Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Triangle, Square, Right, Square 

3. Infinite Weapons - Opens all weapons for that particular level possible 
   for the character.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Triangle, Square, Up, Circle 

4. 1-Hit Death with Firearms - Player kills all foes with a one-hit death 
from any firearm.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Triangle, Square, Down, R1 

5. 1-Hit Death with Melee Weapons - Player can only give a one-hit death 
   with the smack-jack, knife, or brass
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Triangle, Square, Down, L1 

6. Target Practice Mode - All enemy detection is turned off.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Left, Left, L1, L2 

7. Pump Up the Ammo Mode - All ammo gives a factor of x10 more ammo.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Left, Left, L1, L2 

8. Rate of Fire Increase - All of the PC's weapons shoot super fast.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Up, Up, Up, Down 

9. Instant Puzzle Solve Mode - Stuck at a certain puzzle? Type in this code to 
   bypass the need for a solution.
            L1, Triangle, Up, Down, Circle, Circle, 
            Down, Down, Down, Up 

10. Suicide Mode - All NPCs have higher health and/or rate of fire, but PC 
    has infinite ammo to extend combat gameplay.
            Down, Down, Down, Triangle, Down, Down, 
            Down, Square, Left, Right
Section 12 : Acknowledgments

    [email protected] - Thanks for the Hard Mode ending information.
    [email protected] - More Hard Mode ending help
    [email protected] - Additional train puzzle information.
    Lee Funk ([email protected]) - 5th Ending on Normal Mode
    videogames.gamespot.com - cheat codes
    No1Cartman - Copyright conflict of interests
If anyone has any questions, knows any cheats/secrets/etc" then let me know
at [email protected]
                       Copyright 2000, David Blake

Many thanks to Revolution reader David Blake!