Tales of Destiny PS Cheats

Helios Passwords:

At Helios, enter “GIFT” or “OGRE” to get some items. The

password to open the door is “FATE”.

The Secret Lens Shop:

The Lens Shop is located on a small white island just south from Hermez Village.

Just walk to the forest and you will find it.

Multi-player mode:

Collect a Channel Ring and equip it on the character below Stahn. Press Select

on controller two to use that port to control that character. Repeat this code

on other characters to use more controllers via a multi-tap.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Gold801ce76cffff

Quick Level Gain801f21d4ffff

Thanks to Revolution readers Stefanus Sandy S., Darrell Cannon, Emmit Bean,

John Lester del Rosario, and Saer Schultz!