Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 PS Cheats

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3


The command window will shake if you have entered the following cheats correctly.

Get all Goals Completed:

Press start and hold L1 and press Down, Right.

Kid Mode:

Press start and hold L1 and press Right, Right.

Big Head Mode:

Press start and hold L1 and press Right, Down.


Perfect Balance:

Get all the gold medals and goals completed with Steve Caballero. You never

fall down in manuals or grinds.

Disco Mode:

Get all the goals and gold medals in career mode with Officer Dick.

Kid Mode:

Get all the gold medals and goals completed in Career mode with Tony Hawk. Now

you’re super-deformed!

Play As Wolverine:

Using any skater, find every single gap in all the main levels.

Play As Officer Dick:

Beat the game with your self-created character.

Los Angeles Glitch:

Start the level, go down the hill and turn right. Go forward until you see a

Nokia sign above the elevator lobby. Then, go through all the glass and immediately

turn right. Go up the ramp connected to the lobby wall and land in the middle

of it (while pulling a grab — for example Circle + Left). Note: This may require

a few attempts.

When at the Nokia sign, just go all the way around that to the other side of

it. Ollie off the quarter pipe directly next to it — do not try to gap over

to the other quarter pipe. Just ollie and land on the tan part, on the side

that you started on. If done correctly, you will be stuck in a glitch. If you

become stuck in it, you will not be able to pause the game and restart. You

can only get out if you are not completely stuck in the glitch.

Unlimited Special:

Hold L1 and press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Ttriangle, Right, Up, Square,


Turbo Mode:

Press start, hold L1 and press Left, Up, Square and Triangle to make your skater

go faster. Type it again to turn it off.

Stuck in Skater’s Island:

At the start go down the ramp then turn right, then left, then right now go

outside. When you go outside turn right, and grind then kind of hit the gate

or crash around the gate. Then if you did it you should get stuck and you can

continue to turn flip and more!

Weight Cheat:

Get all goals and golds with Kareem Campbell to unlock the weight cheat. You

can play at different gravity levels.

Infinite Special:

Get all goals and golds with Elissa Steamer to unlock the infinite special meter.

Trick List

Tony Hawk
  900 - Right, Down, Circle
  Double kf to indy - Left, Down, Square
  1234 Air - Up, Down, Circle
Steve Caballero
  KF Superman Tailgrab - Right, Up, Square
  Hang Ten - Down, Up, Triangle

Kareem Campbell
  Nosegrind to Pivot - Down, Up, Triangle
  Kickflip backflip - Left, Down, Circle

Rune Gilfberg
  Crailslide - Right, Down, Triangle
  Christ Air - Left, Right, Circle
  DBL KF madonnaflip - Right, Left, Circle

Eric Koston
  The Fandangle2 - Up, Right, Triangle
  Slamma Jamma - Right, Left, Square
  Stalefish backflip - Down, Right, Square

Bucky Lasek
  The Bighitter2 - Up, Left, Triangle
  Mistyflip - Right, Down, Square
  fingerflip airwalk - Left, Rright, Circle

Geoff Rowley
  Sproing - Up, Down, Circle(manual)
  Rowley Darkslide - Up, Right, Triangle

Andrew Reynolds
  FS Noseslide lipslide Crook - Left, Up, Triangle
  Hardflip Lateflip - Left, Right, Square

Rodney Mullen
  nollieflip underflip-left,up,square
  gazelle underflip-up,down,suqare

Elissa Steamer
  Judo Madonna - Left, Right, Circle
  Coffin Grind - Up, Left, Triangle

Jamie Tomas
  FS Layback Feeble - Left, Right, Triangle
  1Foot 1Whl. Noseman - Down, Up, Circle(manual)

Bam Margera
  Human Dart - Up, Down, Triangle
  The Jackass - Down, Up, Square
  540 tailwhip - Up, Left, Square 

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