Toy Story 2 PS Cheats

Level Select:

At the options screen press Right, Left, Circle, Triangle, Triangle to gain

access to all levels.

Find Mr. Potato Head’s Ear:

Mr. Potato Head’s Ear is on top of the T.V. You need to do a power jump on the

chair, not the sofa.

Get to Bo Peep’s Sheep Easily:

In the garage, jump up to the place where you would normally go to get to Bo

Peep’s sheep(where you have to go past the drills and the saws). Once up there,

you should see a red mug. Jump onto it. Then, jump onto the light and follow

the path that you normally take to get to Bo Peep’s sheep.

Debug Mode:

At the title screen press: X, Circle, Square.


Extra Chick in Chick Search:

In the level Al’s Toy Barn, go up to the the rooster and he will ask you to

get him the chick that’s in the egg at the other side of the level. After you

get him the chick, he will ask you to go back for a Pizza Planet token that’s

in the egg. Get it, then exit the level. Go back in, and go back to the rooster.

Talk to him, then get the chick again. Instead of giving it to him, keep it,

and it will count as one of the 5 chicks that you have to get for the hen.

Outrun the RC Car

In the second level, Andy’s Neighborhood, you can defeat RC without the jet

boots. Here is how: Every time the RC car attempts to pass you by, simply stand

in front of it and wait for it to collide with you. It will stop for a short

time. Keep running along and run into him at all costs. Be sure not to land

in the cement mixture. You can repeat this process to get the Pizza Planet Coin.

Replenish Health:

When your health is gone, quickly exit the level then return to it and you should

your health replenished.

Secret Level:

On level one if you get 100 or more coins go talk to Hamm and he will invite

you to the secret room called Woodys workshop. Here you can collect extra hints,

cheats, and tips in order to beat the other levels (this will make it easier

and will show you were everything is at).

GameShark Codes

99 Coins            800b22260063
Have All Pizza      800c16181f1f 

Planet Tokens       800c161a1f1f 

Infinite Health     800b221e000e 

Super Blaster       800a11f00040 

Rapid Blaster       800a15e004c0 

Infinite Comic      800b22200287

Infinite Lives      800b22220009 

Invincible          800b21c80009 

Invincible          800b221c002a 

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