Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

FFXIV: Stormblood – A Look at Which Jobs Are Popular

A number of polls have been released in the Final Fantasy XIV community which have offered some insight into which jobs will be popular in Stormblood. Though, it’s important to take into consideration that these polls usually get a huge turnout from hardcore, active players, rather than the casuals which make up most of the player population.

With that said, here are my findings after a lot of investigation.


Red Mage will be the most popular class in the game. Though, it’s important to consider that it will be an easy job to play and master, making it unattractive for many hardcore players.

Samurai will also be popular, particularly among hardcore players. Some of its attractiveness is due to it become the highest DPS job in the game.

Monk, Ninja, and Machinist will likely be the least popular of the bunch due to their underwhelming changes.

Though, as long as you avoid Red Mage and Samurai you should be in demand.


Astrologian will likely become the most popular of the three healers during the early parts of the expansion. This is due to White Mage’s changes being considered very underwhelming, while Astrologian and Scholar are seeing some neat additions.

White Mage could become very unpopular, perhaps the least of the entire history of the game.


Dark Knight will remain the most popular job of the three available. Though, Paladin will see a huge surge of interest due to its dramatic changes for the expansion.

All three jobs will be in high demand for 4-man groups.