Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

A Quick Guide to Defeating Shinryu in FFXIV: Stormblood (Royal Menagerie MSQ)

Shinryu is arguably the most challenging boss of any MSQ. Available through the Duty Finder at level 70 under the name The Royal Menagerie, this battle requires that most players in the eight man group know the strategy.

Shinryu is described as the following:

Shinryu, Ilberd’s draconic god of vengeance, has been claimed by none other than Zenos yae Galvus, who has used his power as a Resonant to merge with the primal and bind it to his will. Transformed into a towering being of pure violence, his very existence poses a threat not only to Ala Mhigo, but to the entire world. All now falls to you and your comrades, for it you do not stop Zenos yae Galvus, no one will…

In this quick guide we will go over only the most important details you need to know to be successful when battling Shinryu to complete your MSQ.

Phase 1


  • When a large pool appears just off the side of the platform, everyone needs to run to it, including the main tank. However, don’t jump into it or you will fall and die. The closer to the edge of the platform you are, the better, as the pool will knock you back a far distance.
  • When Akh Morn is cast, the off-tank should stack with the main tank and use a defensive cooldown.
  • Avoid all turquoise line AoE attacks, which are usually done back-to-back.
  • When an orange target appears, everyone in the raid needs to stack on it to spread the damage, preferably with healer shields deployed.
  • Players targeted by the red arrow above their heads will be targeted by a powerful conal AoE. Thus, they should move to the edge of the platform.
  • When the platform is targeted by bombs, as indicated by flashing circles, all players should stack on a side of the platform. The middle receives the most damage.

Phase 2

  • This phase will begin after the bombs hit the platform.
  • Adds will spawn at every corner of the platform. These needs to be picked up by the tanks and AoE’d at the center.
  • After several waves of adds are killed, the fight will return to phase one for a brief moment.

Phase 3


  • An Active Time Maneuver will be executed at this time. All players need to spam the circle at the middle of their screen. Any player who doesn’t fill the bar will die during the transition to Phase 4.

Phase 4

  • When Shinryu’s tail slams on the platform, all DPS need to prioritize it. Damaging the tail to 0% will inflict 5% damage to Shinryu’s health pool, which is the primary source of damage during this phase.
  • Note that when a platform is hit several times, it will shatter and leave a big hole on the ground.
  • Two random players will be chained together. This is indicated by an orange circle above their heads. These two players should move toward one another to make the chain small, and then move apart once the chain is actually present to break it.
  • Notice the Aether meter. When it fills up one of three abilities will be cast:
    • Earth: Watch out for ground AoE.
    • Fire: Massive fire damage will be deployed on the platform. Stand in a water pool to minimize damage.
    • Ice: The floor will become icy. Do not move at this point or you will slide off the platform.
    • Lightning: Watch out for platform-wide damage.
    • Wind: This will push you toward the edge of the platform. Run against it to survive.
  • Shinryu will occasionally pull back before punching the platform. Pay attention to his body language.

Good luck with defeating Shinryu!