Box art - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

A Guide to Opening Up The Pack-A-Punch in Attack of the Radioactive Thing

The latest expansion for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is upon us, and it’s brought with it a raucous new trip into the gruesome world of Call of Duty Zombies. This time around, you’re facing off against zombies in a pulptastic setting that brings the Mistress of the Dark herself into the mix. That’s right, Elvira and other familiar faces star in the latest map, Attack of the Radioactive Thing. And here, just like in the rest of the Call of Duty zombies maps, you’ll be forced to stave off the shambling undead as you fight for survival.

But lucky for you, there are plenty of boons around the map in the form of the Pack-A-Punch system, which will allow you to take a boring, run-of-the-mill weapon and supercharge it. Here’s how you can activate the Pack-A-Punch system in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. It’s tough out there, but with these skills you’ll be taking care of business in no time.

Find Elvira’s Spell Book


Before you can use the Pack-A-Punch perks, you need to make sure you’ve activated the machine. You’ll need to seek out Elvira to do this. Find her at the TV Studio on her infamous couch and chat with her. You can’t miss her. Essentially, to get started on your quest you need her help, and right now she needs you to find her Spell Book because she’s Elvira and can’t be bothered to go get it, basically. So, go find it in the Diner and bring it back to her. If you don’t see it immediately, check in the back in the unlocked safe. When you return to Elvira in the TV Studio, she’ll reward you with a vial of acid — an Acid Vile, to be exact.

Fill the Acid Vile


Except there’s nothing in the Acid Vile. You need to fill it to the brim with the souls of several zombies. Find the Meat Cleaver in the Marketplace and slash up zombies with one measly hit to take them out quick. This won’t work forever, so don’t get any bright ideas about using the cleaver past level 9, when it stops working with one hit. Not every zombie you kill will go toward your Acid Vile count, either. Make sure you focus your efforts on the zombies that glow green, because those are the only ones worth anything when it comes to filling up the Acid Vile. Once you’ve done it head back to Elvira.

Hop Into an Orb


Elvira will take the Acid Vile and then join you on your quest to kill off all the zombies. She’s a useful comrade to have around, and you’ll need to take her to each Teleportation Orb you see dotting the map. Check out the Orb nearest you and let Elvira jump inside it. This will open up the Projector Room, where you can use the Pack-A-Punch machine to gear up for the difficult fights ahead. You can come back here anytime you’ve got some extra cash to spend on your gear to supercharge your arms for taking care of zombie business. Just make sure you use it wisely.