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Albion Online – How PvP Works

In Albion Online PvP is a major part of the experience. Whether or not you have any intention of fighting others, chances are you’ll get caught in a scuffle. When that happens, you better hope you understand how the region system works.

Safe Regions (green) do not allow open PvP. These are the areas that new players want to stick to as they become comfortable with the game.

Yellow Regions allow for flagged players to attack flagged and non-flagged players. However, non-flagged players have a 25% damage bonus that they lose upon flagging. This gives players trying to avoid PvP an advantage that may help them win if they’re being ganked.

Red Regions are free-for-all. Players can attack others without any direct consequences.

Always be sure to check the security of a region before entering by looking at the map.